Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mountain Range

Who knew there was a mountain range in my living room. The twins were playing very well together this afternoon while I snuck away to get my treatments done. I didn't walk into the living room to see what they were up to until after I put them down for their nap. I found several books scattered about the living room floor set up like little mountains, or tunnels or tipis. These kids are so creative.

In other news WE'RE GOING TO MEXICO!!!! I'm so excited. I've been looking forward to this vacation for several years, and finally we decided to book a trip smack in the middle of winter. Good bye rain and frost, hello Cancun!

Click here if you want to see what's in store for us.


The Mantha Family said...

Rock on for you guys!! That place looks amazing!! Makes me want to book a trip too. Yeah!!

Kaeti L. said...

Wow, I wish I could go to a place that looks that nice! I guess I can settle for Hawaii. Have fun!