Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Indoor Soccer

As I was packing things up, getting ready for our weekend away from home on Friday Tom came running to my room. He was very excited to report he'd just knocked a huge picture frame from the mantel. He was carrying a large bouncy ball at the time, so I inquired, "how did the frame crash to the floor?" He starts off with, "well, I was playing soccer..." That pretty much explained it to me right there. After that I heard bits and pieces about how it was pictures of Abby as a baby that broke. I didn't have time to investigate right then, and frankly, I knew which frame they had broken, so I just told them to stay away and I'd clean it up later.

As soon as they were down for their nap, I wandered to the living room to pick up the mess. Yup! Broken alright. The funniest part about it is, they weren't pictures of Abby, they were pictures of Tom! At nearly 4 years old, they have forgotten what they looked like as babies and they often get each other's baby pictures confused.

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The Mantha Family said...

Oh no! Can you fix it? Maybe glue it back together?