Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Field Trip!

We went to the zoo today. Very exciting!!! Right when we got there, in the parking lot Abby found a duck feather. She carried this feather throughout the entire zoo and even ran into another man with a feather sticking out of his hat! She was tickled pink. Tom was not so tickled when on the ride home he realized (two hours after Abby picked up her feather) that he didn't have one.

Yes, Tom is totally wearing pink sunglasses. I sent his blue sunglasses with him to Grandma's last weekend and haven't seen them since. It's possible they are still in Paul's car, since Paul picked them up. Regardless, the hunt for the blue pair this morning made us almost late to the zoo. I finally found Abby's old pink pair and he settled for those. Just call him Elton.


The Mantha Family said...

Tom and Abby are adorable Tara (with Tom's pink sunglasses and all!). The zoo sounds like fun!

Mark and Julie said...

Tara, you AMAZE me! I'm still trying to recover from the conference and the travel. I didn't see you when I was getting ready to leave...I'm sorry I didn't say goodbye. It was so wonderful to FINALLY meet you!!!