Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cookie Cutter Toast

One of the three things Tom will eat is cinnamon toast. Yes, as a meal. So sue me.

But not just any toast, it has to be in the shape of something exciting! Usually we use ducks and bears but last week he insisted on picking out a new shape from the cookie cutter bin. (I have a bin of about 100 different shapes that have never been used to bake actual cookies.) I thought maybe he picked a spider but Paul said maybe it's a monster. Even today, I can't be sure what it is. What do you think?

And my apologies in advance if it turns out to be a really offensive character in some foreign language.


Chipmunk Chatter said...

Isn't that a crab?

Princess Talana said...

Agreed, I think it's a crab.

Sharon said...

Tara, your a hoot !!!! I just love reading your blogs, keep em coming.... sharon (Kellys Mom )

PxT said...

Wanted for questioning: this guy

Tamiko said...

I didn't read the comments before making my decision but I also think that it is a crab. Paul's guy in question is a good one, too. And I think that cinnamon toast sounds like a lovely dessert for myself tonight. Thanks for the idea!

sixtytwodays said...

Tara - have you seen the muffin tin lunches that are "hawt" with mommy-bloggers lately? Google Muffin Tin Mondays to see what I mean, but, basically, you offer 12 small amounts of different foods in a muffin tin and the kids eat what they want. It's supposed to work great with picky eaters. (sorry, I'm not posting a link...)

I have to say that when I tried it both girls ate well and each picked something they normally wouldn't have eaten. I loved that they was no clean up...I just tossed the muffin tin liners!

I saw one mom who gave each kid a bread cut out of a bear, then the muffin tin was filled with things to decorate the bear with - Tom's cinamon crab reminded me of that.

Check it out - it's fun!