Sunday, August 17, 2008

California State Fair

Today we made our annual trip to Cal Expo for the California State Fair. It was the coolest fair I have ever been to, in my life! And by cool, I mean temperature, although, it was pretty neat too. We stayed until about 2:30 and I think the temperature when we left was only 87 degrees. Amazing for August, in Sacramento. It's usually at least 100.

The twins wanted to do all things Fair. They rode a ferris wheel, ate churros, walked alpacas, sheep and goats on a leash, Abby milked a goat, we watched a baby bat eat meal worms, the twins got to pet a hairless cat, we ate fried greasy food as well as cupcakes and ice cream. It was an action packed 4 hours!

I'm sure Paul will flickr most of the photos. Here are a few to tide you over.

Abby walking Tommy the alpaca.

Tom walking Camille the goat.

Tom walking a sheep.

Abby milking a goat! If you look real close you can see the stream of milk. And if you look past that you can see the biggest dork of all, me, cheering in the background. If only this camera had sound!


The Mantha Family said...

Oh my gosh - the goat milking is so cool! Good for Abby, I think it might have weirded me out a little. Awesome!

MamaLlama said...

You can tell that Aggie education from UC Davis is in their genes with all that animal husbandry happening at the fair.

Mark and Julie said...

Wow I'm impressed, she got to milk a goat, I haven't even gotten to do something that cool. It looks like they had a lot of fun. I love the picture with Tom and the alpaca. What a funny looking creature< LOL.

So about the gift, it's a die cut machine so it' makes all sorts of designs, shapes, letters and such that you can use for scrapbooking. Ideally it's going to save me spending some $$$$$ on already made shapes. Hope that makes sense

Jennifer said...

I love how confident Tom looks leading that goat. You'd think he walks goats every day! And how cool for Abby, I always wondered how to milk animals. What'd the hairless cats feel like? They always creep me out a little.