Friday, August 29, 2008

We Have Boogers!

Paul just informed me Abby sneezed a giant snot rocket during breakfast. I kinda thought this was coming. While I was putting her down for her nap yesterday she sounded congested. Of course this is AFTER we just had a little girl over for a playdate and probably contaminated her... I'm pretty sure I'll be keeping Abby home from school today. The good news is, it's a 3 day weekend and she has a whole extra day to recover! Which means Tom might also be sick and then well again by Wednesday. Looks like we're in for a fun weekend!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mountain Range

Who knew there was a mountain range in my living room. The twins were playing very well together this afternoon while I snuck away to get my treatments done. I didn't walk into the living room to see what they were up to until after I put them down for their nap. I found several books scattered about the living room floor set up like little mountains, or tunnels or tipis. These kids are so creative.

In other news WE'RE GOING TO MEXICO!!!! I'm so excited. I've been looking forward to this vacation for several years, and finally we decided to book a trip smack in the middle of winter. Good bye rain and frost, hello Cancun!

Click here if you want to see what's in store for us.

Welcome Baby Ella!

Amy had her baby last night!!!!! She went to the hospital to be induced on Monday night. Yes, MONDAY, not Tuesday, not Wednesday but Monday!

56 hours later, Ella Louise was born by c-section at 2:27AM.

Congrats to the whole family!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Say What?

Can you hear me now?

I had my ears washed this morning. Last week at the doctor's office they looked in my ears and scolded me for using Q-tips. To be honest, I don't even use them that often, but every once in awhile it feels soooo good. Well apparently no one is ever meant to use Q-tips... EVER! So why do they sell them?

I asked the nurse if this little washing procedure would hurt and she said no. She was mostly right. Basically they use an ear size water pik to squirt water and peroxide in and eventually all the wax falls out. I told the nurse while she was water piking my ears that it made my eyes water and then she looked at me like I was crazy. I'm like yeah, definitely water, coming OUT of my eye! I think the force of the pik just made my eyes water, but nonetheless there were tears.

After repeatedly washing my ears she seems satisfied and then goes digging with some plastic white instrument. She comes up with this itty bitty teeny tiny bit of skin or wax or something. I can't even describe to you how small it was. After she scared me initially with the horror stories about these huge balls of wax falling out of people's ears I was glad to see that itty bitty bit.

About 20 minutes later she was done. I haven no idea how much money this adventure cost me. I may have to end up selling one of my kidneys. No one asked me for money, so I just left. It was a strange experience and I'm not sure I'd do it again. Not to mention the water in the ear feeling. When I was eating lunch and chewing my food I could hear this rebounding sound, like a rubber band being snapped continuously in my ear from all the residual water that must be left inside. Good times I tell you!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Scavenger Hunt

A couple days ago I took the twins to the grocery store with me. At one point we were on a massive cereal aisle. We were on the lookout for "daddy cereal" which is also known as Raisin Nut Bran. The twins love the crunchy slightly sweet bran flakes and raisins, but they both hand me the almond slivers if they find them in their bowl. Or sometimes they make a milky pile of almond slivers on the table if I'm not nearby.

Anyway, we were meandering down this aisle and I told the twins to be on the lookout for Daddy Cereal. We had all but passed it, unknowingly, when Tom spied it! He pointed and said, "wait, there it is!" But the amazing part of the story is, the shelf it lay on was above his head and the only portion visible was the box top. Granted, there were twenty of them, but they were all lined up with box tops piled on one another. He must have recognized the teeny tiny logo or maybe the color of the top. But he found it! I was impressed.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Shaping Up for Preschool

Tomorrow is the twins first day at Preschool for the year. They will now go to school three days a week! I finally convinced them (with a little bribery from the boob tube) to let me cut their hair for the first day of school. I think it turned out ok, considering they don't sit nearly as well for me, as they do for the professionals. I know as soon as I sit them in that chair I have about 5.2 minutes to finish the do.

They wanted to share their haircuts with daddy, and since he's at work, the blog is the perfect place to to that!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

California State Fair

Today we made our annual trip to Cal Expo for the California State Fair. It was the coolest fair I have ever been to, in my life! And by cool, I mean temperature, although, it was pretty neat too. We stayed until about 2:30 and I think the temperature when we left was only 87 degrees. Amazing for August, in Sacramento. It's usually at least 100.

The twins wanted to do all things Fair. They rode a ferris wheel, ate churros, walked alpacas, sheep and goats on a leash, Abby milked a goat, we watched a baby bat eat meal worms, the twins got to pet a hairless cat, we ate fried greasy food as well as cupcakes and ice cream. It was an action packed 4 hours!

I'm sure Paul will flickr most of the photos. Here are a few to tide you over.

Abby walking Tommy the alpaca.

Tom walking Camille the goat.

Tom walking a sheep.

Abby milking a goat! If you look real close you can see the stream of milk. And if you look past that you can see the biggest dork of all, me, cheering in the background. If only this camera had sound!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Dress Up

As I was getting my treatments done this morning I could hear the twins making their usual morning ruckus in their bedroom. They usually tear apart the toy closet and play for an hour before I get them out of their room every morning. I noticed they were unusually quiet, but busy. I couldn't obviously see what was going on, but I could hear them and they were getting along fabulously as most always.

All of the sudden Abby whimpers like she's stuck in something. I thought maybe brother stuffed her in a dresser drawer, or she tried to squeeze through the basketball hoop. But she'd whimper on and off for a few seconds and then go back to regular talking. So I thought, maybe she was role playing with her dolls, as she does quite frequently.

This was not the case however, as the occasional whimpers eventually turned into, "Ow! Ow! Ow! Mooooommmmmmyyyyyy!!!! Wah... wah... wah..." So i set my last nebulizer aside to go see what was the matter. What I found was Abby lying on the bedroom floor, stuffed into a dress she wore for her baptism when she was 5 months old. She couldn't get the dress off, and I couldn't stop laughing. I thought about getting a picture because she looked absolutely ridiculous, but she was visibly frightened like maybe she thought she was stuck in that dress forever. After I pried it off her she sat balled up in my lap crying and shaking.

Note to self, buy dress up clothes for her 4th Birthday.
Second note to self, be prepared. Always carry camera into room at moments like these.

Below is a picture of all 13 pounds of her at 5 months old, when the dress actually fit.

I Hate You NBC!

Dear NBC,

Who ever thought it was a good idea to tape delay the Olympic coverage for those of us on the west coast? Sure we have awesome lives out here in California and we spend 99% of our day catching waves and eating smoothies topped with granola, but come on! Contrary to popular belief, we're not super human. The world does go on around us, in China and on the east coast, and those people talk! Boy do they talk! And they talk to me!

I haven't been able to see one Michael Phelps race without knowing the ending first. Two nights ago I set my Tivo to record your coverage of the Olympics through midnight and as I watched the next morning, the recording ended before the end of the women's gymnastics team finals because you went OVERTIME! Last night I set my Tivo to record the rest of your DELAYED Olympic coverage on NBC. First thing this morning I turn on the TV to get to my Tivo list, but first your journalist opens her big fat mouth before i can even hit my List button and says, "And here we have the gold and silver medalist in the women's olympic all around competition, Nastia Luikun and Shawn Johnson." I frantically hit that list button as fast as I could before you spoiled it for me NBC, but alas you spoiled my Olympics AGAIN.

So what are you going to spoil for me tonight NBC?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cookie Cutter Toast

One of the three things Tom will eat is cinnamon toast. Yes, as a meal. So sue me.

But not just any toast, it has to be in the shape of something exciting! Usually we use ducks and bears but last week he insisted on picking out a new shape from the cookie cutter bin. (I have a bin of about 100 different shapes that have never been used to bake actual cookies.) I thought maybe he picked a spider but Paul said maybe it's a monster. Even today, I can't be sure what it is. What do you think?

And my apologies in advance if it turns out to be a really offensive character in some foreign language.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

To Do List

Things on my list of things to do today:

Take twins to the dentist (that is a different post entirely...) Check!
Get dinner ready for guests tonight. Check!
Get the twins down for their nap early. Check!

Things not on my list but accomplished with awesome aptitude:

Superglue rubber band to finger. Check!
Slice finger open. Check!

Now if only the two unexpected events had been done in reverse order, there would not have been so much blood.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Field Trip!

We went to the zoo today. Very exciting!!! Right when we got there, in the parking lot Abby found a duck feather. She carried this feather throughout the entire zoo and even ran into another man with a feather sticking out of his hat! She was tickled pink. Tom was not so tickled when on the ride home he realized (two hours after Abby picked up her feather) that he didn't have one.

Yes, Tom is totally wearing pink sunglasses. I sent his blue sunglasses with him to Grandma's last weekend and haven't seen them since. It's possible they are still in Paul's car, since Paul picked them up. Regardless, the hunt for the blue pair this morning made us almost late to the zoo. I finally found Abby's old pink pair and he settled for those. Just call him Elton.

Indoor Soccer

As I was packing things up, getting ready for our weekend away from home on Friday Tom came running to my room. He was very excited to report he'd just knocked a huge picture frame from the mantel. He was carrying a large bouncy ball at the time, so I inquired, "how did the frame crash to the floor?" He starts off with, "well, I was playing soccer..." That pretty much explained it to me right there. After that I heard bits and pieces about how it was pictures of Abby as a baby that broke. I didn't have time to investigate right then, and frankly, I knew which frame they had broken, so I just told them to stay away and I'd clean it up later.

As soon as they were down for their nap, I wandered to the living room to pick up the mess. Yup! Broken alright. The funniest part about it is, they weren't pictures of Abby, they were pictures of Tom! At nearly 4 years old, they have forgotten what they looked like as babies and they often get each other's baby pictures confused.

Monday, August 04, 2008

My 3 Year Olds Have Blogs

Oh yes, it's true. They have blogs now...

Tom's Blog

Abby's Blog

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Honey, Do We Have Three Kids?

Yes indeed we do. We have the twins of course, but remember our first? That hairy not so little dude that lives in our backyard? Apparently we have to feed him while we're away for the weekend. Who woulda thunk?

So I got this panicked email from Paul on Friday morning. "So, what are we doing with Orion this weekend?" Ummmm, that's a very good question. I'm going to Redwood City for the CFRI Annual Education Conference. Paul is heading to Dairyville for the annual Dairyville Pez Gathering and the twins are being shipped to Grandma's. We forgot about one important family member. Our dog! We forgot to make arrangements for our dog!

So around 8AM on Friday morning we instant messaged a few ideas and I decided to ask our neighbor if he could just feed the poor dog while we're gone. It turns out he could so that was settled quickly, but what a morning. With all the packing and thinking about who/what/where to drop the dog off etc. I can't believe we forgot about him.