Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I used to panic about packing for road trips. Especially when the babies were young. Maybe, panic isn't the write word. Analyze and overpack is probably a better description. But I've found in the last year it only takes me about a day to do all the packing. I used to make lists and buy things about a week in advance. And then of course I'd pack two of everything, for each kid!

Now that the kids are older and used to traveling I pack the regular diaper bag for the car. It's kinda funny that I still call it a diaper bag, even though there are no diapers in it. But we have snacks, drinks, spare clothes, tons of baby wipes and activities. Today all I do is throw a couple books, a couple crayons and a boat load of stickers into the bag. Then we're set for 8 hours in the car! The twins travel amazingly well. They never complain whether it is car, train, plane, bus... doesn't matter.

We're looking forward to the 4th of July weekend! Lots of fun stuff planned. Maybe a dip in the pool, the twins are excited about that. They are doing so well in their lessons. They think they can "swim" now that they can safely and confidently wade through two and a half feet of water. For the first time today Tom came out of the lesson with wet hair! We're making progress.

Last week Paul sat down and made crowns for them. They each got to decorate their crown and then they got up and danced like the prince and princess they are!


Andrea said...

Have a great (and safe) trip! Enjoy your time away!! I was smiling as I read your description of how times have changed. I am right there with you - bags are much lighter now a-days!!

Carrie said...

Have fun on your trip! Enjoy the lighter load (in your diaper bag).