Friday, July 04, 2008

Newbury Park

We made the drive from Elk Grove to Newbury Park (390 miles) in record time. Including two stops we were still only on the road just under 7 hours. The twins did awesome, even took an hour long nap after lunch. (so did mama)

Once we arrived we checked out our new surroundings. Extremely exciting if your nearly 4 years old. Then we headed off to the park for some bonding with Uncle John and Auntie Fran.

After dinner we bathed and settled the kids, but that didn't last long. They were sooo excited! I was doing my treatments, typing on my computer for an hour and they were still up when I was done. We're all staying in the same room, so this is exciting! Finally after 10PM they conked out. Poor Daddy stumbled into the room around 11PM after many tequila shots and was blasted by the stench of Abby's super smelly diaper. How did I miss this? I'm lying 3 feet from the source of the aroma. I'll just chalk that one up to the CF nose. Sometimes it has it's perks.

This morning Tom came running in to find his sandals. He says, "We're going to watch Uncle John put up the American Flag! know the AMERICAN flag?!!!!" Good times!


sixtytwodays said...

I was thinking about Tom today at the parade...watching all the kids dressed in red!

Hope your trip is wonderful and relaxing!

The Mantha Family said...

How fun - I'm glad the kids did so well on the ride. That is a blessing!