Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Moment in the Life...

Tom came to find me this morning...

Tom: "Mom, do you know why I'm holding my shoe?"

Me: "No, Tom, why are you holding your shoe?"

Tom: "Well there was a bug on the doll house. He lost his way and I wanted to smash him!"

Me: "OK, go ahead."

a minute later Tom comes running into my room, still holding his shoe.

Tom: "He's gone!"

Me: "Well, what did he look like?"

Tom: "A bug."

Me: "What color was he?"

Tom: "I don't know what color he was."

Me: "Was he black?"

Tom: "No."

Me: " Well, how big was he?"

Tom: "About thiiiiiiis big" as he holds up two fingers real close together." "And he had claws like this." as he pinches his index finger and thumb together multiple times.

Me: "Oh, he's a pincher bug!"

Tom: "A what?"

Me: "A pincher bug. Totally harmless."

Tom: "harmless?"

Me: "Yeah, he won't hurt you. He probably went back home."

Satisfied Tom leaves my room, leaving his shoe on my bed. Five minutes later he came running in to get his shoe.

Tom: "The bug came back!"

and he was off again. A minute later he came back looking for his Thomas the Tank Engine.

So I asked him, "Well, did you get the bug?"

Tom: "Yeah."

Me: "What'd you do with him."

Tom: "oh, I kept my shoe on him."

Me: "you put your shoe on top of the bug?"

Tom: "yeah."

And that was it. So I'm not quite actually sure he killed the bug, or even wanted to kill the bug.

PS He gets the shoe thing from me. I always use shoes to kill bugs.


Carrie said...

Love it! I kill bugs with shoes too (preferably hubby's shoes).

The Mantha Family said...

So did the shoe have bug guts on it? Was the shoe still on top of the bug? Glad he's not scared of bugs!