Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hands Free Cell Phone

A new law went into effect in California on July 1. You can no longer drive and talk on a cell phone at the same time, unless your phone is hands free. Texting and webs surfing are still legal. Just no holding that phone up to your ear.

Yesterday this posed a problem for me. I wanted to let Paul know I was on my way home from my mom's and we'd be a little late for dinner. What to do. Hmmmm. Well I have two preschoolers in the back seat. Maybe they can help. Genius! So I dialed the phone, put it on speaker and passed it back to Tom. Tom was so pleased to call daddy. And he got the message right! Then he passed the phone to Abby and she relayed the same message.


Princess Talana said...

So cute! And that's a good thing to know... guess now Oregon is the only state on this coast where I can jabber away on my phone at my ear! Don't talk that often but it is nice on those long, straight, boring drives up I-5 to clinic!

Katie said...

Don't you love it, kids can be so helpful and love it at the same time!

The Mantha Family said...

I am really annoyed with this law. It is stilly that we can text all we want, but not hold a phone to our ear. I am far more distracted by Ashley than I was by talking on the phone anyway. I got a little earpiece, but I'm still trying to figure out how to use it properly, so that distracts me too.