Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Brain Freeze

I think Tom learned about brain freeze today.

After lunch Tom and Abby each got to pick out a popsicle. They both sat there for a good five minutes and licked away. Their goal was to turn their tongues into each respective popsicle color. Abby had green and Tom had purple. Abby couldn't stand the suspense anymore so she announced she was done (I don't think she liked the Lime popsicle all that much anyway) and off she went to check out her "green" tongue. It did have a yellow hint to it, but she was not impressed.

Tom on the other hand couldn't pass up the temptation to finish Abby's green popsicle so his tongue would be purple AND green! He munched and munched away on his purple popsicle first and all of the sudden he puts both popsicles down on the table and mumbles, "I'm done. My mouth is cold." I think he discovered brain freeze at that moment. He sat there motionless and then picked up again, as I'm sure he couldn't waste such a yummy treat, and the opportunity to eat two of them!

I told him to pace himself and all the while he kept commenting, "Mom, I feel the flavor." I kept replying, "oh, you TASTE the flavor?" When he was done he ran to the mirror to check out what he'd done to his tongue. Again, he was a bit disappointed but I made a big deal about it and assured him it was both green and purple.

Now they're both reading books to each other before nap time.


MamaLlama said...

How absolutely expressive, feeling the taste or maybe tasting that feeling.

Tamiko said...

Yeah, he felt the flavor...probably right up to the spot in his head where brain freeze hit!

Love it, and love hearing these gems of knowledge out of the mouths of babes. :)