Thursday, July 31, 2008


I entered a free drawing to win a backpack today. I don't know why I did it because I don't need a backpack. With my luck, I might just win.

Then I was watching some random discovery health show this afternoon and they were talking about backpacks! They were saying public schools are buying two sets of books, one set for the classroom and one set for home.

This totally would have helped poor little me out in junior high and high school. I remember having dreadfully heavy back packs. And in the late 80's it was cool to have the equivalent of a beach bag for a backpack which only meant more discomfort with non-padded straps and using one shoulder to burden with all the weight. I distinctly remember having a 20+ pound bag of books on a daily basis. (because being the dork that I am, I weighed it)

Now back to Discovery Health. They say all these extra textbooks at school and at home are meant to proportion the weight of a backpack to 10% of the child's weight. TEN PERCENT! Do you even realize in junior high I weighed no more than 68 pounds. That's a 6.8 pound limit on my backpack (in 8th grade..) I think my purse that weighs more than 6.8 pounds.

So that brings me to today. When my kids go to school and they end up with heavy back packs I'm getting them super cool luggage with wheels. Especially Abby, tiny little thing. Either that or I'll make Tom carry her bag.


Lisa said...

That's interesting! Schools around here have trouble buying just one set of books sometimes (so they have to stay in the classroom so that all of the kids can use the same ones). Education funding is a mess!

I too remember the huge backpack!!

Amy said...

10%???????????? I wouldn't have passed school at all!!!! I think my textbooks weighed more than I did LOL!!!

The backpack on wheels sounds like a great idea! Relying on her brother would not work. If they fight one day she might end up with books in the lake haha!!

sixtytwodays said...

Wow. I think my second graders carry more than 10% of their body weight's worth of junk from home in their backpacks!!!

My school, and my dughter's school both "outlaw" the backpacks on wheels. Hallways full of kids, staircases and wheeled luggage pulled behind kids where they are not looking out for who might cross their paths...not a good mix.

Sorry. Guess Tom will have no choice!

The Mantha Family said...

I was lopsided for years because of the one shoulder carry. I wised up in college and wore my backpack on both shoulders. Guess Tom should start weight lifting now to get ready to carry 2 backpacks!