Sunday, July 13, 2008

Baby Showers!

Two new moms' to be, two babies to celebrate, two hundred and fifty miles to drive and too much food later, I'm home from my baby shower madness yesterday.

First stop, San Mateo for Amy's shower. Amy and I met 14 years ago as freshmen in the dorms at UC Davis. She's having a little girl and the name is secret! I tried my hardest to get it out of her. So did the rest of the guests. We all peeked around the baby's room to see if we could find any clue. Nada. I guess we'll have to wait five more weeks like the rest of the world!

Amy and Jason are going to make awesome parents. They have already proved commitment as they are proud parents to a 14 year old lovebird named Fuzzy (officially Fuzzy Navel with a Twist of Lime), a 20 year old cockatiel named Chi Chi and their first (hairy) daughter, Hornton, the dog.

It was hard to say good-bye but alas I had ANOTHER shower to attend to! The second shower was for another college roommate, KT! Now, KT actually lives across the country and is just about halfway through her pregnancy, but since this week was her last pregnant visit to the WC, her mom threw her the shower now. I was also glad to see her in person to dispel all these rumors that she was HUGE for 19 weeks. Sure, there's a definite baby bump, but it's nowhere near as big as it was made out to be.

KT is keeping the sex a secret, until the big birthday. That is going to drive me nuts. So I can only imagine how she feels because it's a surprise to her too! I felt very drawn to buying her outfits for little boys, but I kept it neutral, just incase. So my official prediction is a baby boy and we only have to wait 4.5 more months to find out!

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TK said...

It was great seeing you! Photos to follow soon...check your email! :)