Monday, July 07, 2008


Dear Malibu,

I had such a great time with you on Saturday. I can't help but think you're a bit selfish to keep that perfect weather all to yourself. Why don't you share the wealth this summer?

It's a bit hot up here in Sacramento. As I ventured into the parking lot this afternoon the heat here hit me like a wall of fire. I got in the car to find the temperature gauge reading 111 degrees. So is it too much to ask to send some of your sea salty fresh air goodness to the valley up north? Probably. But I figure it couldn't hurt to ask. Just remember... I know where you live.


One Hot Chick.


Scott said...

Hi Tara,

Scott Asbell (Kelly's husband) here. I just thought I'd write to you, not knowing if you have talked to Kelly. She is in the hospital right now. A partially collapsed lung again. Feel free to contact me if you like at Just a warning this could affect our trip to California. Last time this happened she couldn't fly for 6 months.

Andrea said...

Malibu could send some nice weather to Ohio too! But I'm pretty sure that IS too much to ask!! LOL! Hope you enjoyed your trip!

Carrie said...

It has been miserable here too- heat wise. Send some nice weather our directions when you are done with it. :-)