Thursday, July 31, 2008


I entered a free drawing to win a backpack today. I don't know why I did it because I don't need a backpack. With my luck, I might just win.

Then I was watching some random discovery health show this afternoon and they were talking about backpacks! They were saying public schools are buying two sets of books, one set for the classroom and one set for home.

This totally would have helped poor little me out in junior high and high school. I remember having dreadfully heavy back packs. And in the late 80's it was cool to have the equivalent of a beach bag for a backpack which only meant more discomfort with non-padded straps and using one shoulder to burden with all the weight. I distinctly remember having a 20+ pound bag of books on a daily basis. (because being the dork that I am, I weighed it)

Now back to Discovery Health. They say all these extra textbooks at school and at home are meant to proportion the weight of a backpack to 10% of the child's weight. TEN PERCENT! Do you even realize in junior high I weighed no more than 68 pounds. That's a 6.8 pound limit on my backpack (in 8th grade..) I think my purse that weighs more than 6.8 pounds.

So that brings me to today. When my kids go to school and they end up with heavy back packs I'm getting them super cool luggage with wheels. Especially Abby, tiny little thing. Either that or I'll make Tom carry her bag.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

M&M Ice Cream

Tom, Abby and I sat down together after lunch for dessert. We had M&M Ice Cream Bars. If you haven't tried these yet, you're missing out on the finer things in life.

It's vanilla ice cream coated in M&M crust. Does that make sense? It makes for one yuuuuumy treat! And apparently a little too much for Abby. I thought she finished her treat because she handed me her popsicle stick. There is a joke or M&M fact on each stick and the twins like for me to read it to them. For example Abby's pearl of knowledge today was "How much did M&Ms cost when they were first sold?" and the answer, "five cents!" Stimulating, no?

Well, I read that tidbit to Abby and went to collect her wrapper. Lo and behold there is a gob of mostly melted ice cream in the middle of her wrapper. It's still in the shape of a circle, like she just ate the M&M crust off her ice cream bar and left the middle. I took one glance at her and she says, "oh, I will save that for tomorrow." Ew. Instead I threw it away and assured her, if she wants vanilla ice cream tomorrow she can have some from the carton in the freezer. I guess when you're three it's always a good idea to save your ice cream for later... and store it on the kitchen table.

Totally unrelated, i have a banana peel in my bedroom trash can. Thanks Tom.

Monday, July 28, 2008

A Kiss Will Make It Better

This morning I was listening to the baby monitor and all of the sudden there was a loud whacking sound and then came the screams and cries from Abby. But after you've been a mom for several years, you can tell the difference between the serious cries and the cries that might subside without mommy intervention. Lucky for me, these were not super serious cries. But she was indeed hurt.

Tom immediately says, "Sorry Abby. Sorry. Maybe you need mommy to kiss it better. Show me where it hurts."

There is a pause in her crying then I hear a kiss. Tom says, "does that feel better?"

More tears from Abby, "Nooooo! Owwwwww, Owwwwww, Owwwwwie!"

Tom sounds puzzled as he says, "Maybe you should stop crying Abby." I can tell he is confused as to why his kiss didn't make it magically better.

Abby continues, "I caaaan't. Owwwwww, owwwwww, owwwwww!"

Then there's another kissing sound, "Does it feel better now?"

"Noooooo!" as Abby continues to sob. Tom continues to soothe her and within another minute or so, the crying stops and the playing continues. Tom is such a good brother! By the time I went into their room, there was no mention of the incident and no visible bruises on my little sugar plum so I just let it be.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


I stumbled upon this photo in our album today. Paul took it about three weeks ago.

There's something you should know about Orion. He is incredibly difficult to photograph with a point and shoot camera. He seems to have become more photogenic since Paul bought the Nikon, but because he has so much thick black hair he often just ends up being a giant blob on film.

I like this photo because his eyes are closed and I think it looks funny. Also you can kinda see his red highlights on his snout. He gets red highlights all throughout his coat in the summer. His mom was a golden retriever with red hair, so I guess it's in the genes!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Taking the Plunge

Today we said farewell to swimming lessons. It was the last day of class, in the last session of the summer. During the last day of class all the kids from every level get a chance to jump off the diving board. Do you think Tom and Abby made the leap??

Heck no! In some cases the little ones were carried to the edge of the diving board and jumped in with the instructor. Tom and Abby didn't even get that far. There was some squealing, some kicking and definitely some yelling, "Noooooo! It's TOO deep!" Abby repeated over and over.

I honestly think Tom might have jumped, had Abby not been so adamant about staying so far away from the action.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Brain Freeze

I think Tom learned about brain freeze today.

After lunch Tom and Abby each got to pick out a popsicle. They both sat there for a good five minutes and licked away. Their goal was to turn their tongues into each respective popsicle color. Abby had green and Tom had purple. Abby couldn't stand the suspense anymore so she announced she was done (I don't think she liked the Lime popsicle all that much anyway) and off she went to check out her "green" tongue. It did have a yellow hint to it, but she was not impressed.

Tom on the other hand couldn't pass up the temptation to finish Abby's green popsicle so his tongue would be purple AND green! He munched and munched away on his purple popsicle first and all of the sudden he puts both popsicles down on the table and mumbles, "I'm done. My mouth is cold." I think he discovered brain freeze at that moment. He sat there motionless and then picked up again, as I'm sure he couldn't waste such a yummy treat, and the opportunity to eat two of them!

I told him to pace himself and all the while he kept commenting, "Mom, I feel the flavor." I kept replying, "oh, you TASTE the flavor?" When he was done he ran to the mirror to check out what he'd done to his tongue. Again, he was a bit disappointed but I made a big deal about it and assured him it was both green and purple.

Now they're both reading books to each other before nap time.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday, Monday, Monday!

Monday morning is very exciting in our little corner of the world. Monday is trash day! Whoo Hoo!

Tom is particularly infatuated with the garbage truck. He likes to go out on the driveway and wave. The garbage man always waves back. Abby doesn't care for the noise, so she usually retreats closer to the house or all the way into the garage. Today I happened to snap a few pics of the big event. Keep in mind, these photos might cause you to whoop and holler, as they are very exciting. If you're at work, please try and refrain from loud outbursts. You might scare your co-workers.

Friday, July 18, 2008

In Case You Haven't Heard

Things are changing at the Telford Household. It's here, it's new and it's better than ever.

Tom was so excited to come home and find his box on the front stoop yesterday. He was so excited in fact, that he dragged it all the way around the front of the house, through the garage and into the living room by himself! A mighty task for such a little fellow. Once it was inside he made me open it, inspect all parts and pieces and set it up immediately. We had instant success and and I can tell you, yes, it is as good as it claims to be and truly in this case, you get what you pay for.

Bye bye Kitchen Aid.

So long Cuisinart.

You don't hold a candle to THIS!

Ah... perfection.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Moment in the Life...

Tom came to find me this morning...

Tom: "Mom, do you know why I'm holding my shoe?"

Me: "No, Tom, why are you holding your shoe?"

Tom: "Well there was a bug on the doll house. He lost his way and I wanted to smash him!"

Me: "OK, go ahead."

a minute later Tom comes running into my room, still holding his shoe.

Tom: "He's gone!"

Me: "Well, what did he look like?"

Tom: "A bug."

Me: "What color was he?"

Tom: "I don't know what color he was."

Me: "Was he black?"

Tom: "No."

Me: " Well, how big was he?"

Tom: "About thiiiiiiis big" as he holds up two fingers real close together." "And he had claws like this." as he pinches his index finger and thumb together multiple times.

Me: "Oh, he's a pincher bug!"

Tom: "A what?"

Me: "A pincher bug. Totally harmless."

Tom: "harmless?"

Me: "Yeah, he won't hurt you. He probably went back home."

Satisfied Tom leaves my room, leaving his shoe on my bed. Five minutes later he came running in to get his shoe.

Tom: "The bug came back!"

and he was off again. A minute later he came back looking for his Thomas the Tank Engine.

So I asked him, "Well, did you get the bug?"

Tom: "Yeah."

Me: "What'd you do with him."

Tom: "oh, I kept my shoe on him."

Me: "you put your shoe on top of the bug?"

Tom: "yeah."

And that was it. So I'm not quite actually sure he killed the bug, or even wanted to kill the bug.

PS He gets the shoe thing from me. I always use shoes to kill bugs.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Today I had one of THOSE moments. The type of moment that makes you want to disappear.

The Public Tantrum.

Both Tom and Abby were awesome this morning. We made it, on time to swim lessons. I dropped them off poolside and watched from afar. They waved and blew bubbles. It seemed like a happy morning. Then it was time to exit the pool. Abby is still a little unsure of the process which involves adult size ladders and handle bars.

First Tom climbed out. I took him about 10 steps away to wrap him in a towel. Well in that amount of time Abby went ballistic. A little girl cut in front of her in line, which didn't help. But she also lost me in the crowd and wanted mom and only mom to pull her out of the pool. So when Miss Katie, her beloved swim teacher, picked her up and put her on the pool deck Abby went nuts. Screaming, screeching, crying, convulsing all the while trying to catapult herself back into the pool so I could lift her out. Poor Miss Katie just looked at me and says, "I think she's tired." I calmly wrapped Abby in a towel and carried her, screaming, crying and kicking all the way into the locker room, which by the way has great acoustics for such tantrums.

I'm really looking forward to returning tomorrow....

a FUN Monday

On Monday the twins had swimming lessons once again, but afterwards we had a special treat. We went to a birthday party of one of the twins' fellow preschoolers at Some Place Fun.

We walk in and immediately abby starts drooling. A real live carrousel! Abby has a thing for horses...

The twins were so overwhelmed they didn't know where to start. There were bounce houses, ride on toys, climbing structures, video games, basketball courts and most of all, 10 of their favorite preschool buddies! And let's not forget the cake!

The twins had a lot of fun picking out gifts for the birthday girl, Elizabeth. The previous week we had made a special trip to Target just for that occasion. I had to convince Tom that Elizabeth might not appreciate monster trucks and Thomas the Tank Engine as much as a boy would. He didn't get it. We finally settled on some Disney Princes things and went on our way. Since we were in the same parking lot as a grocery store I thought we'd pop in there real quick to pick up some more jalepeƱos, as I had grand plans to make some fresh salsa that day. (It turned out wonderful btw, thank you Rosalina!!!!) As we're leaving the grocery store Abby says, "Elizabeth is just going to love these peppers!" Yeah, hot peppers for a 4 year old. Happy Birthday! I couldn't stop laughing.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Baby Showers!

Two new moms' to be, two babies to celebrate, two hundred and fifty miles to drive and too much food later, I'm home from my baby shower madness yesterday.

First stop, San Mateo for Amy's shower. Amy and I met 14 years ago as freshmen in the dorms at UC Davis. She's having a little girl and the name is secret! I tried my hardest to get it out of her. So did the rest of the guests. We all peeked around the baby's room to see if we could find any clue. Nada. I guess we'll have to wait five more weeks like the rest of the world!

Amy and Jason are going to make awesome parents. They have already proved commitment as they are proud parents to a 14 year old lovebird named Fuzzy (officially Fuzzy Navel with a Twist of Lime), a 20 year old cockatiel named Chi Chi and their first (hairy) daughter, Hornton, the dog.

It was hard to say good-bye but alas I had ANOTHER shower to attend to! The second shower was for another college roommate, KT! Now, KT actually lives across the country and is just about halfway through her pregnancy, but since this week was her last pregnant visit to the WC, her mom threw her the shower now. I was also glad to see her in person to dispel all these rumors that she was HUGE for 19 weeks. Sure, there's a definite baby bump, but it's nowhere near as big as it was made out to be.

KT is keeping the sex a secret, until the big birthday. That is going to drive me nuts. So I can only imagine how she feels because it's a surprise to her too! I felt very drawn to buying her outfits for little boys, but I kept it neutral, just incase. So my official prediction is a baby boy and we only have to wait 4.5 more months to find out!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hands Free Cell Phone

A new law went into effect in California on July 1. You can no longer drive and talk on a cell phone at the same time, unless your phone is hands free. Texting and webs surfing are still legal. Just no holding that phone up to your ear.

Yesterday this posed a problem for me. I wanted to let Paul know I was on my way home from my mom's and we'd be a little late for dinner. What to do. Hmmmm. Well I have two preschoolers in the back seat. Maybe they can help. Genius! So I dialed the phone, put it on speaker and passed it back to Tom. Tom was so pleased to call daddy. And he got the message right! Then he passed the phone to Abby and she relayed the same message.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Dentist

I went to the dentist today. I had a new hygienist and we talked about a lot of things. Well, she did most of the talking, as I was having my teeth cleaned. Here is a brief glimpse into the variety of topics she touched on.

Life expectancies
Chronic illness
Unplanned pregnancy
Breast feeding
Breast feeding twins
Sun bathing
Self tanners
Skin cancer
Sexually transmitted diseases

And then she told me how wonderful and amazing my teeth and gums are and I was on my merry way.

Picky Eaters

I was watching a re-run on Oprah yesterday. Oprah had Jessica Seinfeld on her show and they were talking about hiding vegetables inside meals for kids. Jessica sits down every Sunday evening and puree's her vegetables for the week. Then when she cooks meals and treats for the kids she adds these color matching puree's. For example, cauliflower inside mashed potatoes. Spinach on chicken fingers, whole chickpeas inside oatmeal raisin cookies, and she can hide basically any vegetable of any color inside her rich chocolate brownies.

That's all great in theory but Jessica hasn't met my son. Mac N Cheese, forget it. Chicken nuggets, no way! Casserole, are you out of your mind? PB&J, now you've gone off the deep end!

This kid literally eats three things. Whole wheat toast, (must be in the shape of the favorite animal of the day) steamed rice and anything from a package. (can you say carb overload?) He has added three fruits to his repertoire: apples, bananas and strawberries. He has to choose one fruit after lunch and one fruit after dinner before he has dessert. And for him, milk is a food group. He goes through gallons each week. I'm not exaggerating.

So I'm asking you Jessica Seinfeld, how do you get a kid to just plain eat?

Monday, July 07, 2008


Dear Malibu,

I had such a great time with you on Saturday. I can't help but think you're a bit selfish to keep that perfect weather all to yourself. Why don't you share the wealth this summer?

It's a bit hot up here in Sacramento. As I ventured into the parking lot this afternoon the heat here hit me like a wall of fire. I got in the car to find the temperature gauge reading 111 degrees. So is it too much to ask to send some of your sea salty fresh air goodness to the valley up north? Probably. But I figure it couldn't hurt to ask. Just remember... I know where you live.


One Hot Chick.

Sunday, July 06, 2008


Be warned, what you're about to read is just about the mommiest post ever.

Tom has surprised me this vacation. Hold onto your hats people. Last night he worked real hard and finally, he pooped on the potty! On purpose! This is actually the second time in two days. I think we're on our way to being completely diaper free. He's been day trained for nearly a year, but when he has to poop he comes to me and asks for a "baby diaper." Lately we've been talking all about, when he turns 4 maybe it's a good idea not to use diapers anymore. Well, shock of all shocks, he's starting early!

He was so proud, he jumped off the potty so fast to look at his creation. Then he ran to get daddy to show him too. *high fives* all around... after we washed our hands of course.

I'm not so sorry to say, I have no pictures of this event.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

4th of July

We celebrated the 4th of July by doing the all American BBQ at the Sr. Steiners yesterday. It was fabulous! Not only that, but Rosalina gave me cooking lessons! I learned how to make her hot green and red salsa and fresh lemonade, with the whole lemon, peel included. Yeah, now we're talking.

We spent most of the day in the pool. It turns out Tom and Abby are water babies. I'm pretty sure this picture sums up our day!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Newbury Park

We made the drive from Elk Grove to Newbury Park (390 miles) in record time. Including two stops we were still only on the road just under 7 hours. The twins did awesome, even took an hour long nap after lunch. (so did mama)

Once we arrived we checked out our new surroundings. Extremely exciting if your nearly 4 years old. Then we headed off to the park for some bonding with Uncle John and Auntie Fran.

After dinner we bathed and settled the kids, but that didn't last long. They were sooo excited! I was doing my treatments, typing on my computer for an hour and they were still up when I was done. We're all staying in the same room, so this is exciting! Finally after 10PM they conked out. Poor Daddy stumbled into the room around 11PM after many tequila shots and was blasted by the stench of Abby's super smelly diaper. How did I miss this? I'm lying 3 feet from the source of the aroma. I'll just chalk that one up to the CF nose. Sometimes it has it's perks.

This morning Tom came running in to find his sandals. He says, "We're going to watch Uncle John put up the American Flag! know the AMERICAN flag?!!!!" Good times!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I used to panic about packing for road trips. Especially when the babies were young. Maybe, panic isn't the write word. Analyze and overpack is probably a better description. But I've found in the last year it only takes me about a day to do all the packing. I used to make lists and buy things about a week in advance. And then of course I'd pack two of everything, for each kid!

Now that the kids are older and used to traveling I pack the regular diaper bag for the car. It's kinda funny that I still call it a diaper bag, even though there are no diapers in it. But we have snacks, drinks, spare clothes, tons of baby wipes and activities. Today all I do is throw a couple books, a couple crayons and a boat load of stickers into the bag. Then we're set for 8 hours in the car! The twins travel amazingly well. They never complain whether it is car, train, plane, bus... doesn't matter.

We're looking forward to the 4th of July weekend! Lots of fun stuff planned. Maybe a dip in the pool, the twins are excited about that. They are doing so well in their lessons. They think they can "swim" now that they can safely and confidently wade through two and a half feet of water. For the first time today Tom came out of the lesson with wet hair! We're making progress.

Last week Paul sat down and made crowns for them. They each got to decorate their crown and then they got up and danced like the prince and princess they are!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I Heart Target

Tom has a little bit of his mama's OCD. He loves to go to Target, but we have to enter the parking lot from a certain direction so he can see the big Target sign on the road. If we don't use that entrance he throws a fit, or so I found out the other day.

Today we used Tom's entrance because it was convenient on our way home from swimming lessons. As we passed "his" sign he sighed with relief, "ah, yup! that's my target!" We parked, picked up a few things and one fit from Abby later, we were out the door. (She reallllly wanted Lucky Charms and I reallllly didn't want to buy them for her. So I didn't.)

There were two bags to carry and of course the twins wanted to each carry a bag. Problem is, the bags were too heavy for them. So as we're leaving I have several boxes of goods in my arms and they are satisfied one item a piece in their now not-so-heavy bags.

As we were making our way to the car I realized I did it again. You see, I have this bad habit of not actually looking at what Target (or any store) is charging me. "That'll be seven thousand dollars ma'am." "Sure thing! Where do I sign?" And on my merry way I go. So I get to the car to find the receipt is indeed, not seven thousand dollars as I had feared, but $22.

All in all it was a good day at Target.

And now for some completely unrelated photos of the twins filling up the hot tub last weekend.