Monday, June 09, 2008

T Minus 8 Days to Summer Break!

In a little over one week from now the twins will be promoted to the "4 year old" preschool class in a simple ceremony at school. I can't believe my babies are getting so big! I have a feeling there will be lots of teary eyed sniffling parents in attendance that day!

In other news these...

are still around.

How do they work? I can do a lot with my own hair and with Abby's hair, but these types of bands have confused me for over 20 years. Are they just decoration? Or are they supposed to hold the pony tail? I put some in Abby's hair today, but I'm not satisfied with how I did it. If you have any information on how to use these suckers, please advise.


Princess Talana said...

How to use those hair thingies :)

Pull hair up in a pony tail. Holding the hair, pinch one of the balls, holding it on top of the pony tail the the same hand holding the ponytail. With the other hand, grab the other ball, wrap the whole length around the pony tail, possibly multiple times until it is tight. Tuck the ball that is in your wrapping hand under the ball that was held steady. Hopefully I explained that okay!

Andrea said...

Congratulations on graduating Tom and Abby! :-)

The hair thingies -- I used to wear these in my hair in my younger days and my dad would do my hair most morning before school. Well, all I remember about them is he used to use his teeth (yikes!) to hold one of the ball things in place while he wrapped the other around my ponytail!! Good luck trying to figure it out!