Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Natalie!

Today was only 104 degrees, so we decided not to waste the good weather and celebrate outdoors. Our very good friends threw a birthday party for their 1 year old daughter, Natalie. Now Natalie's mom works full time and she has a one year old to take care of, but somehow, she managed to put me to shame today! She went all betty crocker and hand made three desserts for this big birthday bash. There was a butterfly cake, bug cookies and bug cupcakes. I don't even think I could go to the store and order a spread as beautiful as she made today.

Tom dug the park, literally. He told me maybe someday when he gets bigger he'll work on a 'struction site because he's good at diggers now!

Abby was less than pleased about the heat. My little wilted flower stuck to my shadow the whole three hours at the party. I don't think she really knew why she was so crabby. She carries the wonderful Linehan gene where if she sticks her big toe outside in a heat wave her skin turns pink. Not sun burned pink, just flushed. But all was much better once she had some butterfly cake and a nap.

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Andrea said...

Wow - what a heat wave! Hope you are surviving it! It isn't usually this hot, is it?