Thursday, June 19, 2008

Got Drugs?

It always amazes me to see someone walk away from the pharmacy with just one bottle of pills. To give you an idea of what you might expect at the pharmacy and what I experience I made a simple list of comparisons.

At home, you have a medicine cabinet.
At home, I have a medicine closet.
You might pay the equivalent of a fast food lunch bill at the pharmacy.
I pay the equivalent of a small car payment at the pharmacy.
You carry your prescription(s) out in your hand.
I attempt to carry mine out using both my arms and eventually surrender to using a shopping cart.

So Tuesday, it was quite a sight when I took the twins with me to the pharmacy. We had just finished their preschool promotion ceremony and they really wanted a set of helium balloons. So where else to go? But the grocery store! Our grocery store has a flower shop and inside the flower shop they sell helium balloons. They also have free helium balloons that advertise the name of the establishment. Tom and Abby go nuts for these free balloons! It's better than candy. Also, my pharmacy is just inside the grocery store so I figured I could kill two birds with one stone.

First stop, balloons! Oh, how they get so tickled waiting for their balloons to fill up. Abby is always dressed in pink, so without asking the balloonist always fills up a pink balloon for her and EVERY TIME she says with anticipation, "I hope that pink balloon is for me!" And Tom well, he only wears red, so usually he ends up with a red balloon, but sometimes he asks for blue, shocker, I know!

After the balloons were settled we headed to the pharmacy counter. They weren't quite ready for me, as the delivery had just come in, so we rounded the aisles looking for orange juice instead. After we picked up the orange juice Tom decided he wanted to ride IN the cart. As if the cart wasn't heavy enough, Abby decided to jump on the bandwagon as well. We went through the grocery lane check out to give the pharmacy some more time and then headed back for pickup.

Much not to my surprise I now had two huge grocery bags full of medicines, syringes and needles. Yum! I somehow squished them into my seemingly shrinking cart with two kids, two balloons, two bags of prescriptions and two bags of food. I'm thinking now is not such a bad time to teach the kids how to dangle from the sides of the grocery cart as I almost needed more room!

But we made it. And without incident... this time.

Life sure did seem a lot simpler when they were lighter and smaller.... circa 2005.


Andrea said...

I love the "blast from the past" picture! I just did that on my blog too! :-) Too bad you didn't take a comparison picture today - it sounded like you were overfull today!

kathibella said...

Tara...I came across your blog through the Confessions of a CF husband Blog. I too, have CF. And I have 4 year old twins! I am always searching for other CF mothers, especially one with twins!

If you feel like it contact me at I would love to correspond with another CF with twins!

Kathi Clapham

The Mantha Family said...

What a cute little flashback of the babies in the cart! Sounds like you need a caddy to help you get our medicines. :-)