Monday, June 23, 2008


I usually don't run multiple errands with the twins in tow, but today I did. And it went fairly well.

Our first stop was the Cosumnes River College. The hot summer tip in EG is to use the Junior College for swim lessons as opposed to the Park District. It's not only cheaper, but safer and more friendly. The Park District apparently hires high school students and from what I've heard through the grapevine the lessons seem unorganized not to mention less safe because the water is above any toddlers head. But at the college they have a more shallow pool and a net blocking the little tikes from wandering into the deep end. The class size seems smaller and the instructors are older, college age. So I booked the twins for two sessions back to back, that's 4 weeks, half our summer!

Tom was completely enamored by all the kids in the pool as I was filling out the paper work for my two 4 year olds. (shhhhhh! don't tell... you have to be 4 to sign up for the lessons.) Abby was sitting on my lap crying the whole time. Her brother had knocked her over on in the parking lot and she had quite the scrape on her knee. Of course I had nothing in my purse, no band aides or ice packs, seriously, do I look like Mary Poppins? But the lifeguard gave us a band aid. It wasn't enough, as she cried "owieeeeeeeeee" for about 45 minutes. Poor thing.

Our next stop was the pediatrician. I signed the kids up for a new doctor and I needed to have them copy our shot records. This sent the kids into a panic as they heard the word shot and doctor in the same sentence. "But WE don't need any shots???? Do we?" Of course not (today), don't be silly. That's what I should have said. But instead I told them when they go in after their birthday they will get a flu shot. More water works from Abby. She doesn't want a shot today or EVER!

After the 20 minutes it took to photo copy two pages...we were (finally) off to our next stop, Mervyn's. We set out to buy sandals for the twins. Abby found some right away, Dora sandals and she was tickled pinker than a pig when SHE had sandals just like mommy and Tom did NOT! We had to leave empty handed for Tom because they had one pair in his size, black Nike sandals. Booooring!

It was past lunch time and getting closer to nap time but Tom really wanted to find some sandals so we made a stop at Target. I heart Target. I think we all know that. Now, I had never been to their little food court before, so I decided to check it out. I found a sandwich for myself, yogurt for Abby and Tom settled on chips. Are you surprised. We also bought a chocolate chip pretzel. Abby wanted a big fat salted pretzel but the ones they have in the display case are FAKE! The only kind they had was chocolate chip. She claimed she wanted it, so I bought it. It went over as well as a lead balloon. Blech.

Abby saw some kids playing chase at the store, while mom was busy with other kids in the cart. She says, "oh, that boy is running! We don't run in the store. No we don't. Because it's not safe." I'm so proud. We found the shoe aisle and the Lightning McQeen sandals were all the wrong size. Poor Tom. Struck out again. Just as I was about to give up, there they were, the perfect size, the only pair, and it was Thomas the Tank Engine! Not only that, but they light up to boot!

So off I left with my two happy campers. They finally got to their nap at 2:30, which is rather late. And here I sit now, doing my afternoon treatment late and my evening treatment early so I can go out on a date with three hot chicks tonight.


Andrea said...

Isn't it amazing how hard it is, and long it takes, to do simple things with two almost 4-year-olds!? I need to run some errands this afternoon and am just dreading it! Glad you made it through without too much troubles!

The Mantha Family said...

Why did you switch doctors for the kids? That was a busy day! At least it went by quickly, right?