Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Art of Framing

I plunged into the depths of arts and crafts yesterday. You see, three years ago I received a gift. A gift I had asked for. I received one of those frames for babies where you put a tiny photo of your baby in the frame each month and finally at one year old you put a larger photo in the middle. Lucky for me, with twins, I have two frames and 24 photos to mess with.

So now that the twins are nearing 4 years old I decided it was time to dust the frames off and figure out how to get this project going. It was like signing up a rebellious teenager for scrapbooking 101. I hate it. All the cutting, taping, checking, moving, re-taping, adjusting. Basically my worst nightmare. (No offense Nicole) Add a couple of three year old twins bouncing on the bed, bending my photographs, running around with my scissors, threatening to cut my lifeline, er...I mean, laptop power cord. A barrel of laughs really. I think I was dripping in sweat by the time it was over. And I'm done. There will be no more frames in my house. My children will forever be 1 year old on my mantel. My babies will remain jpeg babies because frankly, it's just makes so much more sense to have a virtual photo album.

To keep with the jpeg tradition, I will try and add photos of my photos later today.


As promised, the photos!

In other news this evening I learned a package I was expecting has been mishandled and lost by the United States Postal Service. Despite having a tracking number, despite being allegedly delivered to my home on June 7, they have let me down once again. I'm thinking about a boycott. I'm pretty sure they'll miss me once I'm gone.


The Mantha Family said...

I would love to see pictures of your frame with the pictures in it. We have one for Ashley and I love seeing how she changed in the first year. Sounds like fun to me!

TK said...

The frame looks great! That was quite a project! And, I am joining you in the boycott of the US Postal Service. I have missed out on a few packages from them, and it is just WRONG!