Friday, May 09, 2008

We Have A Diva!

Today I busted out all the summer clothes I had put away last fall. Lo and behold Abby has grown! Most of these skorts were purchased a year ago, but boy has she grown! I could get them on there but it was like trying to pull on 1980's skinny jeans on a fat supermodel. I guess it's time to shelve the 2T's!

So then I started to look at the options we had left. Over the course of the last six months Abby has declined more and more the idea of wearing jeans. There were some capri's that had been handed down to us that I thought would be perfect. Well one look at the first pair and Abby went running, "Noooooo! That has a zipper!" Ok. No zippers. So I found another pair of capri's with no zipper, "Noooooo! These are not SOFT!" As I rummaged through the pile some more I found another skort but, "Noooooo! Not RED! I like pink and purple!" Clearly she's been spending all too much time with her brother who is prejudice against any color of clothing other than red. I think some heavy duty shopping is in order to satisfy her Highness!

Yesterday the twins went for a ride around the block (again!) We also hooked up the Barbie bike accessory to Abby's bike. It was a big hit! Can you tell?

And Tom looks like such a biking professional. Now if only they would learn how to use the brakes!


The Mantha Family said...

That is so cool that they are riding bikes! I love the Barbie on Abby's bike and the Unitrans bag that Tom is riding with.

Happy Mother's Day!

Andrea said...

That is too funny about Abby and her clothes! I'm so glad the boys aren't that picky. Well, Brayden is a little - he likes to have at least one thing on him that is blue! :-) They look great riding their bikes. The braking will come. Ryan now likes to brake so he leaves a track behind him! LOL!