Sunday, May 04, 2008

Walkie Talkie

Yesterday was the Sacramento Great Strides walk to cure Cystic Fibrosis. We met the Morrills and Sr Telfords there and had a blast. It was a little tough for me to complete the 2.5 mile walk considering I've been in bed for 3 weeks but we all made it, even the twins! And there was very little complaining. In fact the only complaining came from Abby well after the half way mark she started dragging her feet. When I asked her what was wrong she said, "Wheeeeeeeeeeere is this pizza place?!" She had remembered the day before I told her at the end of the walk there would be free pizza. I can't believe she remembered! And boy did she chow down when she finished the walk, at 10 AM!

Today we took the twins out to Target to pick out new bikes! Tom wanted a blue bike, but there was only a red one in his size. He settled for red, if you can believe it! Abby told me she wanted a purple bike but when we got there she changed her mind and picked a pink Barbie bike. She doesn't even know who barbie is, but pink is her color! Then we picked out helmets. Tom picked out Thomas the Tank Engine and once we got home we found out his head is bigger than the average 3 year old because it didn't fit! I rigged it back up into the package with a new zip tie and we'll be hunting down an age 5+ helmet on our next trip to Target for him. Abby loves her Disney Princess pink bike helmet.

After the bikes were assembled it was discovered Tom's bike was missing a training wheel bolt. So Paul took off the training wheels and let Tom climb on board anyway. Now I'm not sure if it is because he has no training wheels or if he just didn't like the bike but my predictions were exactly what I had feared. No sooner had he climbed aboard he decided it was time to dismount and he ran for his trike! The same trike I promised we would give away (for this very reason) as soon as we got the big kid bikes. He is a little creature of habit and he must feel safer on his trike.


The Mantha Family said...

Wow, you got the bikes already - awesome! I'm sure Tom will get used to his bike very soon. Looks like you are having a fun weekend!

MamaLlama said...

They are growing up too fast,amazing. That is so frustrating not getting all the proper parts too.

Andrea said...

I can't believe Tom wanted a blue bike!! :-) Such a surprise! But I'm sure he'll love his red bike just the same! And how cute Abby looks on her pretty pink bike. They'll be riding like pro's in no time!

Chipmunk Chatter said...

Poor Hannah can't even reach the peddles of her tricycle yet!