Monday, May 19, 2008

My 3 Year Old Blogs

That's a verb, not a noun. My 3 year old son knows how to blog. At least he thinks so. I found him on my bed this afternoon typing away on my laptop. I asked him what he was doing and he said, "I just have to type my blog down." He's also becoming quite the photographer. He took this picture of Abby and I:

But then he took this one:

And finally he said, "Let's do a fancy one. You and Abby sit on the rocking chair and I'll take your picture."

So here we are!

Now, on to the scary news. Today there was a monster of a spider crawling up my bedroom wall. OMG this thing was huge, It was black and I swear it had sixteen legs. It looked hairy and I know it was the jumping kind. What to do. I unstrapped myself from my various breathing treatments, instantly stopped playing the game of Go Fish with the twins and ran to the garage to find some spider killer spray. Indeed we have some! I sprayed and sprayed and sprayed. This sucker would not die! I sensed he was getting weaker when he dropped to the floor but kept crawling! So I continued to spray. Then I kid you not, he got up on all six hind legs and starting batting at the spray with his two front legs. Are you kidding me?! This went on for like fifteen minutes. At last I proclaimed victory and went to find the fly swatter so I could scoop him up at arms distance and flush him down the toilet. Good riddance!


The Mantha Family said...

Excellent pictures Tom! And I can't wait to read his blog.

Yuck about the spider. I have seen a few around here in the past week so I had someone come spray today. Yuck yuck yuck!

TK said...

I am very impressed with the picture Tom took, and it's great to see you in some pics, Tara!

My nephew smiles, says Cheese! and then immediately says, "I wanna see!" Sometimes I miss film...everything is instant gratification these days! ;)

Miss you guys! -TKO