Thursday, May 08, 2008


You know you're up for Mother Of The Year when you go to clear the breakfast dishes (only because they are in the way of setting out lunch dishes) and they're actually stuck to the table. Not that this ever happens around here....

I kept Abby home from Preschool today. She was sneezing up a storm all morning and I thought maybe she had a cold. Of course since I kept her home she has only sneezed three times (it's sickening that I keep count) so I'm pretty sure she's just got a bad case of allergies. We went shopping at Target and I did something I've never done before. I let her talk me into buying her something! Her very first Barbie. It's Ballerina Barbie and she's dressed in pink from head to toe. It cost me a whole $5. Of course that meant we had to pick something out for Tom. Abby settled on Red Ramone. Tom is pleased!

Tom made me a beautiful Mother's Day card in preschool. And since Abby wasn't there the teacher asked if he wanted to add Abby's picture to the card and without hesitation of course he said, "oh yes!" They had taken the photos on Tuesday. I kinda had a feeling they were up to something when they didn't come home with an art project on Tuesday. I also asked Abby what she did when she was outside on Tuesday and she said "take pictures!" Yeah, nothing gets by me.


The Mantha Family said...

That is such a sweet card ... Happy Mother's Day to you!

ktlilred said...

How cute is that, I like the card!