Thursday, May 15, 2008


Whew! It's good to be home! Today we went to the E R I mean, P A R K. (Tom calls it the E R P because sometimes we spell it to be tricky in front of tiny ears, and he just got the letters confused.) We had a playdate with a 5 year old down the street. He met us there and we biked. The forecast is set for 100 degrees today, so we were meant to set out early. Originally we were ready at 9:30 but our neighbor was late. By the time we got home two hours later I was covered in more sweat than a weight lifter on steroids, enough salt for seventeen margaritas and my blood sugar was like zero.

The twins had a good time though. Despite 4 bike accidents. Yes FOUR! I thought training wheels were supposed keep these little tikes upright? The first one was funny. I kinda let it happen. Tom was riding down the sidewalk next to a lush belt of grass. He wasn't paying attention and slowly drifted onto the grass and in slow motion he just....tipped...over. He was quite upset, but not a scratch on him since he basically fell onto a pillow.

Since the park equipment was rather warm Abby rode her bike around with her playdate friend. She rounded a corner and tipped over, then little playdate friend barreled right over the wreck and fell on top of her. I think that's the part that scared her the most. Luckily this was on that smushy playground mat so there were no skinned knees. But barbie didn't fare so well and looks like she has soot down one side of her face.

On the way home Tom was riding so slow he tipped twice going over like a 1/2" bump while crossing the street. You know where the asphalt meets the gutter. He was more upset that the plastic cap on his sippy cup fell off than he was about scraping his knee.

What an adventure. Next time we're driving.

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The Mantha Family said...

At least they kept riding, they weren't so bothered that they didn't get on the bikes again. So that's good!