Monday, May 05, 2008

Bikes and Boogers

Tom and Abby are more than thrilled with their new bikes today. They want to ride them all the time. They are very good at pedaling and moving forward now, but they don't quite know how to brake. So when the twin in front stops for unknown reasons, the one in the back just plows him/her over. It's kinda funny, but I hope they don't crash and fall! Our breaking technique definitely needs some work.

In other news, what is it with kids and boogers? Tom loves to pick his nose. That's fine with me. He's not excessive about it and frankly it keeps things looking nice and neat, unlike Abby's little nostrils. She will NOT pick her nose! So there could be a booger hanging from it for days. I beg and beg her, "please Abby let me pick your booger." to no avail. She has one kinda half hanging out of her nose today and I tried the sneak attack a couple times this morning. It didn't work. Problem is, my fingers are too big for her tiny nostrils. A couple weeks ago she shocked me when she came an found me in my room, handed me a booger and said, "here, this came from me." and left! Why can't she do that today?


The Mantha Family said...

You know you're a mom when someone hands you their booger and you are excited!

ktlilred said...

I always used the baby wipes to get the boogers, but I guess having them handed to you works too.