Thursday, May 29, 2008

Infectious Tracheobronchitis

Those are two words I never thought I'd have to utter about MY dog! Yup! It seems Orion may have picked up "kennel cough" from the good ol' folks at Elite Dogs in West Sacramento. We left Orion there for a week while we toured the Eastern United States over the holiday weekend. Well tonight when me and the fam went outside to go play with some hoses Orion went nuts (as usual) only he was coughing like he had to cough up a hair ball. I didn't pay much attention for the first minute and then it dawned on me, our good friends brought their dog to the same kennel and came home with kennel cough two weeks ago. They called the kennel and we all assumed everything had been sanitized. I guess not!

We're going to call our vet tomorrow to confirm the diagnosis and start treatment, but I'm pretty sure that's what we have on our hands here. And guess what, it is contagious to humans, but only to those with compromised immune systems. Raise your hand if' you've got one of those! Oh yeah, I do! So now I can't go near my own dog, or take him to the vet. Instead Paul has to take some time off work tomorrow to do the honors. You can bet Elite Dogs will get an ear full from me if Orion does indeed have kennel cough.

The Apple Camera Strikes Again

Paul let Abby play with my laptop camera on the flight home from DC. Abby was just tickled pink to see her face distorted like a funhouse mirror. Here's one of my faves.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Oh Shrubs!

Well I did it. I knew this day would come. Some time in March the twins and I set out to Home Depot to pick out seeds to plant in our garden. We planted and waited. Finally sprouts! Two out of the four plants even began to grow flowers. But not for long. Then came the great heat wave of May 2008. It was over 100 degrees and I locked myself in the comfort of my air conditioned home for a week straight. I didn't even think about the plants at all, not one bit...until this morning. We climbed into our car before preschool and Tom says, "Mommy, why are my plants growing smaller?" Um, you mean dead, son? That's because mommy killed them. I'm sorry, sorta. At least now I don't have to worry about watering them all summer long. Although I kinda said we'd get new ones. This time I'm buying the ones that come pre-flowered. I'm not waiting 7 weeks for them to grow and flower again. Who's got that kind of time?

Monday, May 26, 2008

DC and Back!

The whole fam took a trip to DC this weekend. Some of the highlights:

Turns out I get air sick. Who woulda thunk? Dramamine became my best friend.

Airplane bathrooms are small. Even smaller when you cram an adult AND preschooler inside that wants to touch everything. And seemingly smaller when your preschooler misses the potty and you have to mop up the floor with the hand towels.

The Washington Monument and Capital building are a blur when you have 40 pounds to lug around on your hip.

$40 buys you two sandwiches and a cup of jello at the Natural History Museum cafe. No wonder it's free to get in.

The national zoo is big, and hilly. This makes carrying the twins all the more exhausting. But so worth it to see them excited over all the animals.

We got to meet the Diaz Duo in the flesh! It was crazy taking four 3 year olds to the zoo, but if anyone can do it, we can!

The twins made it through 4 flights and 4 time zones with no potty accidents and no diapers! We used airport bathrooms, airplane bathrooms, zoo bathrooms, museum bathrooms and hotel bathrooms. I think the only place we didn't pee was the metro. They loved the metro too. Tom always wanted to ride the blue line because Thomas the Tank Engine is blue.

And at last, the pics.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dippin' the Double Stuff

After lunch or dinner, if the twins do a good job and they eat some fruit or veggies, they get to pick dessert. Lately Tom has been picking a "mama cookie" also known as Double Stuff Oreo to the rest of the world. He told me the other day he'd like to dip his cookie in a glass of milk because that's what the picture on the front of the package told him to do. It's a photo of an oreo splashing into milk, for those not in the know.

Tom's been begging Abby to dip her oreo too. Well yesterday she decided it was time to try the dip! I got her a wide mouth plastic glass, filled it with milk and set her up at the table with her oreo cookie. I wasn't paying attention much and about 5 minutes later, there she sat, alone at the kitchen table with puppy dog eyes and cookie crusted lips. She says, "Mommy? I forgot to dip my cookie." Oh, it was so heartbreaking, but so funny at the same time! Unfortunately for her, she had eaten the very last oreo in the entire house, so there was no dipping that day. Maybe next week.

Here is a completely unrelated photo of the twins taken last weekend. They really are best friends.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mmmm Eraser, Tasty!

Tom and Abby received goodie bags from a fellow preschooler today. Inside the goodie bag there was a pencil, two tiny erasers and some fruit snacks. It was J's birthday earlier in the month and the whole class had gotten together for a photo, which was also included in the goodie bag.

I strapped Tom and Abby into their car seats, opened the fruit snacks and headed home. I heard Abby from the back seat ask, "can I eat this one mommy?" Thinking she was referring to the fruit snacks, I replied yes. Time went by and Tom asked if he could eat his octopus. I looked back and he was holding up his tiny octopus eraser. I told him no and kept driving. All of the sudden he starts making funny sounds and he's trying to hand me chewed up tiny bits of octopus eraser. It was in a million pieces! And now it was all over my car. It was perhaps the most amusing thing I'd seen all day. The horror on his face when he realized I was right, he shouldn't eat it was too hysterical for words. More time passed and Abby asks, "mommy, when is this flower going to go away?" It dawned on me she ate her tiny eraser shaped like a flower! (which is why Tom ate his octopus, monkey see, monkey do) But instead of spitting hers out she chewed and chewed and chewed for like, 5 minutes! I told her to spit it out but she says, "no, it's gone now." Aaaahhhhh! Kids!

Monday, May 19, 2008

My 3 Year Old Blogs

That's a verb, not a noun. My 3 year old son knows how to blog. At least he thinks so. I found him on my bed this afternoon typing away on my laptop. I asked him what he was doing and he said, "I just have to type my blog down." He's also becoming quite the photographer. He took this picture of Abby and I:

But then he took this one:

And finally he said, "Let's do a fancy one. You and Abby sit on the rocking chair and I'll take your picture."

So here we are!

Now, on to the scary news. Today there was a monster of a spider crawling up my bedroom wall. OMG this thing was huge, It was black and I swear it had sixteen legs. It looked hairy and I know it was the jumping kind. What to do. I unstrapped myself from my various breathing treatments, instantly stopped playing the game of Go Fish with the twins and ran to the garage to find some spider killer spray. Indeed we have some! I sprayed and sprayed and sprayed. This sucker would not die! I sensed he was getting weaker when he dropped to the floor but kept crawling! So I continued to spray. Then I kid you not, he got up on all six hind legs and starting batting at the spray with his two front legs. Are you kidding me?! This went on for like fifteen minutes. At last I proclaimed victory and went to find the fly swatter so I could scoop him up at arms distance and flush him down the toilet. Good riddance!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Pool? Who Needs A Pool?

This is what you do on a 100 degree day in May.

Set the twins loose in the backyard with a couple of hoses.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Whew! It's good to be home! Today we went to the E R I mean, P A R K. (Tom calls it the E R P because sometimes we spell it to be tricky in front of tiny ears, and he just got the letters confused.) We had a playdate with a 5 year old down the street. He met us there and we biked. The forecast is set for 100 degrees today, so we were meant to set out early. Originally we were ready at 9:30 but our neighbor was late. By the time we got home two hours later I was covered in more sweat than a weight lifter on steroids, enough salt for seventeen margaritas and my blood sugar was like zero.

The twins had a good time though. Despite 4 bike accidents. Yes FOUR! I thought training wheels were supposed keep these little tikes upright? The first one was funny. I kinda let it happen. Tom was riding down the sidewalk next to a lush belt of grass. He wasn't paying attention and slowly drifted onto the grass and in slow motion he just....tipped...over. He was quite upset, but not a scratch on him since he basically fell onto a pillow.

Since the park equipment was rather warm Abby rode her bike around with her playdate friend. She rounded a corner and tipped over, then little playdate friend barreled right over the wreck and fell on top of her. I think that's the part that scared her the most. Luckily this was on that smushy playground mat so there were no skinned knees. But barbie didn't fare so well and looks like she has soot down one side of her face.

On the way home Tom was riding so slow he tipped twice going over like a 1/2" bump while crossing the street. You know where the asphalt meets the gutter. He was more upset that the plastic cap on his sippy cup fell off than he was about scraping his knee.

What an adventure. Next time we're driving.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

All Grown Up!

Since Abby grew so much this last year, all her summer PJs are far too tight to wear this year. I went out and got her 4 PJ sets, two of them were standard pants/t-shirts and two of them were.... NIGHTGOWNS! Her very first nightgown. She was thrilled to pieces to wear it.

Although Tom grew a lot too, his PJs were already large from last summer, so even though he didn't need any new ones I got him a couple sets so he wouldn't feel left out. He's really taken to one of the sets with his hero, Lightning McQueen, on them and he's worn them three days in a row. I have a feeling these are going to become the summer "bugs". (At xmas he got a pair of footed fleece PJs with bugs on them and he's pretty much wore them every night since then. And they're not even primarily red!)

Friday, May 09, 2008

We Have A Diva!

Today I busted out all the summer clothes I had put away last fall. Lo and behold Abby has grown! Most of these skorts were purchased a year ago, but boy has she grown! I could get them on there but it was like trying to pull on 1980's skinny jeans on a fat supermodel. I guess it's time to shelve the 2T's!

So then I started to look at the options we had left. Over the course of the last six months Abby has declined more and more the idea of wearing jeans. There were some capri's that had been handed down to us that I thought would be perfect. Well one look at the first pair and Abby went running, "Noooooo! That has a zipper!" Ok. No zippers. So I found another pair of capri's with no zipper, "Noooooo! These are not SOFT!" As I rummaged through the pile some more I found another skort but, "Noooooo! Not RED! I like pink and purple!" Clearly she's been spending all too much time with her brother who is prejudice against any color of clothing other than red. I think some heavy duty shopping is in order to satisfy her Highness!

Yesterday the twins went for a ride around the block (again!) We also hooked up the Barbie bike accessory to Abby's bike. It was a big hit! Can you tell?

And Tom looks like such a biking professional. Now if only they would learn how to use the brakes!

Thursday, May 08, 2008


You know you're up for Mother Of The Year when you go to clear the breakfast dishes (only because they are in the way of setting out lunch dishes) and they're actually stuck to the table. Not that this ever happens around here....

I kept Abby home from Preschool today. She was sneezing up a storm all morning and I thought maybe she had a cold. Of course since I kept her home she has only sneezed three times (it's sickening that I keep count) so I'm pretty sure she's just got a bad case of allergies. We went shopping at Target and I did something I've never done before. I let her talk me into buying her something! Her very first Barbie. It's Ballerina Barbie and she's dressed in pink from head to toe. It cost me a whole $5. Of course that meant we had to pick something out for Tom. Abby settled on Red Ramone. Tom is pleased!

Tom made me a beautiful Mother's Day card in preschool. And since Abby wasn't there the teacher asked if he wanted to add Abby's picture to the card and without hesitation of course he said, "oh yes!" They had taken the photos on Tuesday. I kinda had a feeling they were up to something when they didn't come home with an art project on Tuesday. I also asked Abby what she did when she was outside on Tuesday and she said "take pictures!" Yeah, nothing gets by me.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Bikes and Boogers

Tom and Abby are more than thrilled with their new bikes today. They want to ride them all the time. They are very good at pedaling and moving forward now, but they don't quite know how to brake. So when the twin in front stops for unknown reasons, the one in the back just plows him/her over. It's kinda funny, but I hope they don't crash and fall! Our breaking technique definitely needs some work.

In other news, what is it with kids and boogers? Tom loves to pick his nose. That's fine with me. He's not excessive about it and frankly it keeps things looking nice and neat, unlike Abby's little nostrils. She will NOT pick her nose! So there could be a booger hanging from it for days. I beg and beg her, "please Abby let me pick your booger." to no avail. She has one kinda half hanging out of her nose today and I tried the sneak attack a couple times this morning. It didn't work. Problem is, my fingers are too big for her tiny nostrils. A couple weeks ago she shocked me when she came an found me in my room, handed me a booger and said, "here, this came from me." and left! Why can't she do that today?

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Walkie Talkie

Yesterday was the Sacramento Great Strides walk to cure Cystic Fibrosis. We met the Morrills and Sr Telfords there and had a blast. It was a little tough for me to complete the 2.5 mile walk considering I've been in bed for 3 weeks but we all made it, even the twins! And there was very little complaining. In fact the only complaining came from Abby well after the half way mark she started dragging her feet. When I asked her what was wrong she said, "Wheeeeeeeeeeere is this pizza place?!" She had remembered the day before I told her at the end of the walk there would be free pizza. I can't believe she remembered! And boy did she chow down when she finished the walk, at 10 AM!

Today we took the twins out to Target to pick out new bikes! Tom wanted a blue bike, but there was only a red one in his size. He settled for red, if you can believe it! Abby told me she wanted a purple bike but when we got there she changed her mind and picked a pink Barbie bike. She doesn't even know who barbie is, but pink is her color! Then we picked out helmets. Tom picked out Thomas the Tank Engine and once we got home we found out his head is bigger than the average 3 year old because it didn't fit! I rigged it back up into the package with a new zip tie and we'll be hunting down an age 5+ helmet on our next trip to Target for him. Abby loves her Disney Princess pink bike helmet.

After the bikes were assembled it was discovered Tom's bike was missing a training wheel bolt. So Paul took off the training wheels and let Tom climb on board anyway. Now I'm not sure if it is because he has no training wheels or if he just didn't like the bike but my predictions were exactly what I had feared. No sooner had he climbed aboard he decided it was time to dismount and he ran for his trike! The same trike I promised we would give away (for this very reason) as soon as we got the big kid bikes. He is a little creature of habit and he must feel safer on his trike.