Thursday, April 17, 2008

Strange But True

Tom said something funny on Sunday night. We were talking about Picnic Day all weekend and on Sunday night he said matter-of-factly, "So six more days until Picnic Day?" And by golly, he was right! Paul and I both looked at each other, thinking, did you tell him that? I certainly didn't tell him that. Then we praised him for getting it right. He of course thought nothing of it.

Well after not mentioning picnic day all week, today, TWO days before Picnic Day, he says to me at breakfast, "So, two more days until Picnic Day?" Stunned again, he is right! Then he adds, "And then one day?" So I'm pretty sure I'm harboring a genius at home, but most of you knew that already I'm sure.

His comment freaked me out a little bit though. TWO more days??? Ack. We're all still hacking and sniffling our way though truck loads of Kleenex around here. Abby's still pretty sick, nose dripping, hacking cough and the like. Tom, not so much today. I didn't even have to scrape dried boogers off his forehead this morning.

Today is my fifth day of quarantine by the way. I haven't left the house since lunch on Saturday. I kinda feel like I should be dressed with shackles and only dining on bread and water. If you want to come by for a visit you'll have to check with my CO first.

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The Mantha Family said...

That is fun that Tom is so excited!