Sunday, April 20, 2008

Picnic Day

Yesterday, Picnic Day, was no picnic for me. Alas this cold got the best of me and developed into gigantic gobs of goo in my lungs and I couldn't get out of bed yesterday, or today. I think I'm headed for IV antibiotics tomorrow. Can you handle the suspense?!

The twins however did have a blast, once they got over the fact that we were not going as a family, and they would have to leave mommy behind at home. They ate pancakes, watched the parade, hiked across campus, went to the petting zoo, played on Hannah's jungle gym, dined on cupcakes, cookies and french fries. A three year olds dream really! Paul was nice enough to take pics of the highlights like....

An egg

A bike

A cow

A bus

A car

A horse

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The Mantha Family said...

Oh Tara - I'm so sorry you couldn't go to Picnic Day! You were really looking forward to it ... hope you feel better soon!