Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Lost Red Ribbon

Even though Tom is 3.5 years old, he is still a baby at heart. He is extremely attached to two stuffed bears he's had in his bed since the day he was born. One of them was clearly meant for Abby, as they are identical aside from the color, but as soon as he could steal from her, it was his. One of the bears is yellow and the second bear is brown. They both have a satin red ribbon around their neck. Tom uses the ribbon on "brown bear" to sooth himself to sleep. He's used it for about 3 years already. He doubles over the ribbon at one end and makes his way to the other end until he's "done" and he does this over and over. He used to make a noise when he worked on his ribbon but that stopped about a year ago.

Anyway, lately he has detached brown bears ribbon from his neck. This makes for many mornings of searching the tossed sheets on his bed for this 10 inch ribbon. Yesterday Paul took the twins to nap at his parents house. Both brown bear, yellow bear and brown bear's ribbon made the journey as well. As they all got home last night, it was discovered brown bears ribbon was...MISSING! It had been left behind at Oma and Papa's.

You should have seen the look on Tom's face. Of course his solution was to drive back there, but it was too late for that 70 mile round trip at 8 PM! He sat in the middle of the living room floor, his eyes welling with tears, wiping them away with the fuzzy brown bear. Oh, my heart broke! He wasn't screaming, he wasn't even whimpering. It was like heart broken tears, like the tears you cry when you receive awful news, just spilling down his face. He let me carry him to bed and then in a huff just rolled over facing the wall, clutching both bears and cried softly for a bit. Oh, the heart ache!

All is right in Tom's world again today. Paul drove the round trip this morning so we have THE RIBBON safe and sound back in our possession.

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The Mantha Family said...

That is a very sad story. Poor Tom. I teared up reading it. I wonder if you can find the same kind of ribbon at Michael's or somewhere so you have a spare.