Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's A Twin Thing

Tom and Abby spend every minute of every hour together whether is awake or sleep so it's no wonder they have great affection for one another. They are constantly aware of where the other one is, what s/he is doing and how that affects what they are doing themselves. They eat together, sleep together, bathe together, play together, there's really not one thing they do without each other.

Yesterday I found them after their nap, both with plastic bins on their head to protect from the "rain" in their room and they each had on slippers, but not a pair of slippers. They split up their slipper pairs and each had one slipper from each set on either foot. It was somewhat amusing to see Tom squish is sasquatch foot into Abby's tiny pink Princess slipper.

This morning they were quiet in the car on the way to preschool for quite some time. I flipped down my vanity mirror so I could see them in the back seat. They were holding hands!

And if that isn't enough, they had an assignment at preschool today. They took magazine cut outs of various flower arrangements and pasted them into a book. They got to title the book whatever they wanted. The preschool teacher explained Tom was one of the first kids to make his project and she asked him what he wanted to title his book. His response, "Abby Flowers." Abby was clear on the other side of the room busy with other things, so she had no idea! Then when it came Abby's turn to make her book and put a title on it what do you suppose she picked? "Abby Flowers" of course! Must be a twin thing.


Andrea said...

Aren't twins the coolest?! :-) I love watching the boys interact with eachother. This is such a sweet example of the cute, interesting, and priceless things twins do on a daily basis!

Chipmunk Chatter said...

That is the cutest thing that they were holding hands...your heart must have just melted!

The Mantha Family said...

That is adorable! They are so lucky to have each other!