Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dog Days

Look at that good looking dog! Our first born. 90 pounds of pure splendor I tell you.

The twins have never really played much with Orion. He is 100% an outdoor dog. Tom and Abby mostly run from him as he licks the sunscreen off their arms and faces but now they are actually enjoying him as a pet. Tom especially enjoys throwing the ball for (at) him. Abby is still very cautious around him, but at least she will go out in the backyard without clinging to me in sheer terror.

In other news we're all sick over here again. This time the twins shared their cold with me, as opposed to last month's fortune when I shared it with them. Of course Mr. Bionic is not sick at all and frankly, I hope it stays that way.

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The Mantha Family said...

That is a very good looking, big dog! That is fun that Tom and Abby are enjoying him now.

Sorry you guys are sick. Get well soon so you can go to picnic day!