Friday, March 28, 2008

Train Tracks!

Several times a week Tom will ask me if the Railroad Museum is open. We have season passes so it's "free" for us to enter this year but it is at least a 25 minute drive out there and back so we don't frequent the museum much. Today Tom asked me, "Is the Railroad Museum open?" And I said YES! He was sooo excited, Abby too.

We arrived and headed straight for the Thomas the Tank Engine display. It's an area infested with germs and toys to play with. The community toys are one of the reasons I don't like going there, I'm a freak about germs! What I didn't expect was this time, Abby came to sit by me after about 10 minutes. She said she was done playing with the trains and she wanted to go downstairs to see the real trains. This had never happened before. Usually we are prying them away from the train sets, practically kicking and screaming.

So what to do? One kid wanted to play at the train tables and the other wanted to actually view the trains at the MUSEUM. Lucky for me, Tom is easily bribable with snacks. After we tired of the museum we headed outside to the riverfront access to look for boats. There were no boats. But there was a piece of trash floating down the river. It looked like a disposable lid to a soft drink cup you get at fast food restaurants. Tom exclaims, "Look! A boat!" He was pointing at the trash. Genius I tell you.

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