Monday, March 17, 2008

A New Century of Posts

My last entry was number 100 on this site. I probably should have boogied down or popped some champagne. Now I have to wait through another 100 posts to celebrate. Great!

The biggest news of the day, we are BACK! Back from The Sea Ranch.

Turns out Tom and Abby get motion sickness. The roads to Sea Ranch are quite windy. Tom was the only one to actually get sick in my (brand new) car and boy what a mess it was! I was so unprepared. There he stood on the side of the road, stripped to his underwear and socks as I turned his clothes inside out to scrape more sickies off my seats. Poor guy didn't want to get back in the car. So we cuddled on the front seat for awhile and then he reluctantly went back to his seat draped with a waterproof crib pad and fresh clothes on.

Once we arrived at Sea Ranch we settled into the house and Paul went shopping for some goodies. By the time he got back it was pretty sunny so we headed where else, but the beach! We saw a family of deer along the way. The twins really enjoyed walking through the forest and finding treasures on the beach. We searched and searched the tide pools for star fish, and found none. But as Abby was sifting some sand for shells she happened upon the tiniest star fish you ever saw. She was so proud and burst into tears the day we left, when we told her we were leaving star fish behind. Of course then we felt so bad, we had to bring starfish home! I hope he was already dead. He sure is dead now!

I managed to drag the whole family along the rocky shores in search of this bridge/cave area carved out in the rocks. We trudged on for what seemed like miles, only to give up and crawl up the bluffs to the hiking trail at last.

One afternoon we tried to get a family photo with the camera remote. Problem is, we let Tom have the remote. I'm pretty sure he took sixty photos that afternoon. I think this is the best one. At least we're all in the frame!

I'm pretty sure Tom and Abby can't wait to go back to Sea Ranch. We sure did have fun, despite being sick with colds. In fact we're all over here coughing up a lung as I type. Well, all of us except Mr. Bionic that never gets sick. And nobody got car sick on the way home. Thank you Dramamine! It was a little weird to see Tom and Abby passed out on this stuff though. And they were pretty out of it the rest of the day. Tom kept talking about the nap he was going to take and didn't remember sleeping for nearly 3 hours in the car.


MamaLlama said...

Looks like Tom is just gleeful that Abby ducked under the pillows for the family photo. Abby must be so proud of her starfish discovery.Glad you could getaway,colds and all.

Andrea said...

It sounds like a wonderful weekend - except for the car sickness -- poor kiddos! Those are some wonderful pictures too! WOW! I really need to see the west coast one day.

The Mantha Family said...

That looks like such a fun place to go for the weekend! Sorry about the car sickness though ... now you know, right?