Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Golden Arches

I took Tom and Abby to McDonald's with one of their preschool classmates after class yesterday. This is only the third time they have ever eaten there, and it's the first time we went to one with a Play Place. As we walked into McDonald's, Tom spied the slides. Whenever he sees something that interests him so bad he can hardly stand still he grabs my hand and asks, "What's that mommy, what's that!" Even though he knows exactly what it is.

We all sat down to lunch. I got two happy meals and two shakes for the twins and a Big N Tasty meal for myself. Tom was asking, "where's my meal?" and I thought maybe he was confused because last month the happy meal came in a box and yesterday it came in a paper bag. The bag after all was right in front of his face. I pulled everything out, including the toy and he went to town on the french fries and shake. The one vegetable Abby will not eat is potato, so she got the hamburger and apple dippers instead. Those apple dippers are yum!

Today Tom asked me to bring him his "meal" and I was so confused. Then I realized he thinks the Happy Meal is all about the toy. He calls the toy surprise his "meal". LOL! I guess we don't use that word around here enough. I didn't correct him, I just handed him his "meal."

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The Mantha Family said...

Good old Mickey D's! I used to get Happy Meals once in awhile if I was sad - they do make you happy!