Monday, March 10, 2008

Flower Fun

This morning I mentioned to the twins we needed to go shopping. I was planning to buy some last minute snacks and things for our trip to Sea Ranch but Tom said in the sweetest voice, "are we shopping for my flowers?" I had promised him last week we could buy flowers for him to plant in our yard. He was set on getting some blue and red flowers, Abby: some pink and purple. How could I resist! I can always pack another day, right?

So off to Home Depot we went. I really felt like a fish out of water! Anyone who knows me knows I have the biggest blackest thumb on the planet. I've tried to plant things, believe me! It always goes wrong. So I called Jenn for some advice. She told me to get some miracle grow soil because "anything" can grow in that. Let's hope so!

I was having trouble navigating the flower department so I asked for help. This is what came out of my mouth, "Can you tell me where I can find seeds, like for flowers? I need red, blue pink and purple." Great, now I really sound dumb! But she kindly smiled and off we went to the seed display. (exactly where I had come from...which made me look even more dumb because all I saw were the vegetable seeds, I had to go around the rack to the OTHER side for the flower seeds)

Blue seeds, check!

Red seeds, check! Wait, upon further inspection, these bloom in the fall, uncheck!

Red seeds that bloom in the spring, check!

Purple seeds, check!

Pink seeds, check!

Hey, anything that says "guaranteed to grow" is a must have in my garden! I'll probably hold them to that when I'm still waiting for my flowers next December.

Ok, dirt. Where can I buy some dirt? There were pallets and pallets of dirt but I didn't think I needed a bag that big so again, we happened upon the same helpful Home Depot worker who pointed precisely in that direction, to the pallets I saw plain as day. Again, she smiled.

So I found a bag of the Miracle Grow stuff, and it looked far to big, but I picked it up anyway. It was less than $5, so if I have to throw the rest away, it's really not a big deal. On to the checkout, which was crawling with bugs. Bags of live ladybugs I kid you not! I was a little surprised and blurted out, "oh! you have...bugs here! real bugs!" Now everyone in Home Depot thinks I'm an idiot. Mission complete!

Homeward bound we were. I let the twins dig all the dirt out of the big bag and shovel it into the flower box. They got bored half way though. Thank god I had just purchased 99 cent plastic shovels for our trip to the beach because my gardening shovel, which hasn't seen the light of day in about three years was somehow missing from the pile of the three gardening tools I did find. I finished scooping out the rest of the dirt to fill the flower box to the brim. In hindsight, I don't think filling the flower box was the brightest idea. I think I should have left a little room so when it rains all the dirt doesn't float away, but we'll deal with that if it happens I guess. And I'm glad I bought the big bag of dirt because we used almost the whole thing to fill that tiny flower bed. Who knew!

Next it was finally time to plant the seeds. Now, I wasn't sure how many seeds to plant. Just one? Two, maybe three for good measure? But that problem was quickly solved when Abby dumped her entire packet of pink seeds in the flower box, "See mommy! I can do it all by myself!" That's great except, we hadn't even dug a hole yet. I frantically scooped up what I thought were seeds (they looked a bit like the dirt to me) and held them aside in one of the plastic beach shovels as I took the second beach shovel to dig a hole. Figuring how deep to dig the hole was beyond me. I read each packet for directions, but none of them spell this part out. I picked a medium hole, about 4-5 inches deep, buried the entire packet of seeds and called it a day. Of course we repeated this, dig, dump, cover process three more times for the last three packets of flowers.

Incase you're wondering, yes the entire packets of all the seeds were dumped in each hole. That's they way Tom and Abby wanted to plant all their flowers, so against my better judgement, I let them. I don't know if this will cause some freak overgrowth of flowers, or maybe no flowers at all. I think we'll find out in 1-3 months when they're all in bloom!

In other news, I'm not anywhere near packed or organized for our trip this week, and I have a cold. Goodie!


Andrea said...

Oh what a fun adventure! And a fun day! I can't wait to hear what happens with the flowers in the months to come! I wouldn't have had a clue either on the planting - so don't feel too bad. :-)

The Mantha Family said...

That is a very exciting activity - good idea! The video said it wasn't available anymore ... can't wait to see the pretty flowers bloom!

MamaLlama said...

Tom and Abby may wonder why the color green is all they see at first instead of the colors they picked.One thing I like about the box stores is they will accompany you to what you need and help you with the selection.