Sunday, March 02, 2008

Double Trouble on the Double Decks!

We took the twins to the 40th Anniversary of Unitrans this weekend. Paul took the day off Friday so we could celebrate buses all weekend long. On Friday there was a ribbon cutting celebration for the freshly re-painted 2819. Never mind that when the "christening" recreation of the original ribbon ceremony from 1968 was carried out shards from the glass bottle were shattered into the engine.

That didn't stop 2819 from making a modified original route for us bus junkies though.

On Saturday there were more buses. We went out to the pad where, according to Tom and Abby, all the buses sleep at night. We got there pretty early and no one had fired up any engines. Tom was a little sad because we told him we'd be riding buses. He had very little interest in the shop because not one single bus was lifted, though there were a couple of buses pulled in and dismantled. I think he thought he was going to see mechanics sliding under buses checking out the underneaths.

But alas the bus riding party got started. Andy was anxious to get into 1014, but first 2819 had to be fired up and taken for a spin as it was parked tandem behind 1014 anyway. The twins climbed all the way to the top of the bus and we sat there for several laps around the pad. All the former drivers were anxious to get behind the wheel again, even to take a trip around the parking lot was a big deal now, since none of them were licensed or insured to take the university property on the roads anymore.

I finally convinced the twins to sit on the bottom deck so we could watch daddy drive us around the pad.

Then Abby got to drive.

Tom was too shy to sit in the cab and pretend to drive. Are you really surprised? All in all it was an excellent weekend. Any day I can get a good bus ride and some cake I'm a pretty happy camper.


The Mantha Family said...

Srikant is going to be SOOOO jealous that Paul got to drive!! That is so cool!! Glad you guys had fun and I'm sorry we missed it.

MamaLlama said...

Abby can't but help look comfortable in the driver seat with history of dad driving the bus and mom's tractor driving course. Hope Tom gets his wish to see the mechanics in action next time.