Friday, February 15, 2008

Pez or Bust!

Thursday morning we woke early and jumped in the car to head south for the annual Pezific Coast Pez Convention. During the long drive Tom kept asking, "Why is the Pez Convention so far away?"

We arrived in beautiful Manhattan Beach by 2PM without hitting any of the ugly Los Angeles traffic we know all to well. Here is the gorgeous view from our very own private balcony.

Tom and Abby are more than spoiled by the Pez dealers here. We went hunting for Nemo as soon as we got here because the Nemo Pez at home has no fins, as they are no match for the wrath of 2 year old twins who gave it many months of being thrashed, bitten and thrown. Two brand new Nemo's were successfully found and gifted to the twins this morning. They were more than thrilled. They also got two stuffed pez pillows, an elephant for Tom and a pony for Abby.

After breakfast at Denny's this morning we decided to burn some energy at the beach. We were two miles from the Pacific after all! As soon as we parked the car Tom got real excited and mentioned something about a shovel and pail. Of course being the neglectful parents we are, we had no pail and no shovel. But we all had a set of legs to run with, and energy we did burn! Tom was fascinated by the tire tracks left on the beach by the lifeguard truck. We followed them for what seemed like miles, and then followed them all the way back up to the parking lot.

Tonight...Pez Bingo! More later...


The Mantha Family said...

Looks like you guys are having a blast! Pez-eriffic! Glad you're enjoying the wonderful weather too, have fun!

Andrea said...

Can I say that I love that you were playing in the snow last weekend and enjoying the beach this weekend! The life of Californians! :-)