Monday, February 25, 2008

The Black Hole

This morning we busted out the art supplies for some good old fashioned quiet fun. I wasn't really paying attention as well as I should have, especially since Abby was using markers, instead of crayons. I wasn't alarmed until she came to me with her finished masterpiece and exclaimed, "I drew a hole right through the paper Mommy!"

She certainly did. And she certainly enjoyed her markers! Some of this came off her hands. Most of it did not. Next time I'm investing in washable markers. So THAT's why they make those!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Workout Wednesdays

For the next five weeks Wednesday will be defined as Soccer Day. Tom and Abby started indoor soccer practice last night! Some highlights:

Tom picked the one and only PINK soccer ball to play with and after the first few warm up sprints Tom sighed "I need a break!" and up and left the field.

Tom REALLY enjoys skipping.

Abby sprinted as fast as her little legs would carry her. She told me this morning "Mommy, I was really slow at soccer." But I don't think she was upset by this. I think she was just stating the facts. She said she's looking forward to next week!

Mr Competitive enjoyed leading the pack during sprints.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

For Gina

This is for Gina, who has no windows. The eclipse tonight...

Friday, February 15, 2008

Pez or Bust!

Thursday morning we woke early and jumped in the car to head south for the annual Pezific Coast Pez Convention. During the long drive Tom kept asking, "Why is the Pez Convention so far away?"

We arrived in beautiful Manhattan Beach by 2PM without hitting any of the ugly Los Angeles traffic we know all to well. Here is the gorgeous view from our very own private balcony.

Tom and Abby are more than spoiled by the Pez dealers here. We went hunting for Nemo as soon as we got here because the Nemo Pez at home has no fins, as they are no match for the wrath of 2 year old twins who gave it many months of being thrashed, bitten and thrown. Two brand new Nemo's were successfully found and gifted to the twins this morning. They were more than thrilled. They also got two stuffed pez pillows, an elephant for Tom and a pony for Abby.

After breakfast at Denny's this morning we decided to burn some energy at the beach. We were two miles from the Pacific after all! As soon as we parked the car Tom got real excited and mentioned something about a shovel and pail. Of course being the neglectful parents we are, we had no pail and no shovel. But we all had a set of legs to run with, and energy we did burn! Tom was fascinated by the tire tracks left on the beach by the lifeguard truck. We followed them for what seemed like miles, and then followed them all the way back up to the parking lot.

Tonight...Pez Bingo! More later...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Snow Day!

Today was it. THE Snow Day! We've been planning a snow day all winter and we jumped on the chance to make the 90 mile drive today. It was simply GORGEOUS outside. No wind, temps in the upper 40's. We went to a little ski resort called Soda Springs. They have an area for children 12 and under called Planet Kids. The cost is just $15 and you get unlimited use of the tubing "carousel" as well as ski or snowboard rental for the small 40' learning slope and unlimited tubing down a similar 40' slope. The twins had a blast! oddly enough one of their favorite parts was outside "Planet Kids" just throwing snow balls and eating them too. Next year we may put them on ski's or snowboards. Abby seemed ready this year, she's a little daredevil. For more snow pictures click here.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Our First Trip to the Dentist!

Tom and Abby embarked on a adventure Wednesday, they went to the Dentist! The morning was not off to a good start as I was hurried to get them out the door on time. I had to put on their shoes and brush their hair with five minutes to spare. What I found in Abby's hair was a tangled mess of breakfast syrup. *sigh* If it's not one thing, it's another unexpected speed bump! In the end, we did get there on time.

I took them to a Children's dentist hoping they had magical potions, powders or spells to make the visit enjoyable. Not so much luck there. All I got was protesting all week, "I'm not going!" "I won't open my mouth!" "I won't let her brush my teeth!" all week long when I tried to talk up the dentist. I can't just spring something like that on the twins, that would be like pulling a rug out from underneath them while on roller skates. Not pretty.

We arrived and went directly to the playroom. They had video games, toys and an outdoor patio with a play house and riding cars. I think we waited less than 10 minutes, which is good. We were led back to an exam room with a less than enthusiastic hygienist. She was kind and gentle, but a little to introverted to be a scared child's hygienist. She seemed hesitant and shy. Not like the other hygienist I saw come collect another unsuspecting 3 year old victim, er patient. She handed out high fives, balloons and loud cheery encouragement before the kid even got to the exam room.

Once in the exam room I got to sit on a swivel chair and Tom volunteered his sister to go first. There was a little TV screen above the patient's chair, but the volume was so low the TV hardly got Tom and Abby's attention. I kept waiting for them to pass out headphones or something. Abby squirmed, resisted and tears welled up in her eyes while we begged, pleaded and bribed her to open her mouth for the cleaning. We ended up using a regular toothbrush to finish the cleaning and then she was done.

Next was Tom's turn. He did not want to be put into the chair. I had to place him there. He also pursed his lips and reached for me. She got as far as tooth number 2 before she gave up and used the regular toothbrush. Actually by that point, Tom was in my lap and I got to brush his teeth. Even though he picked the Vanilla-Orange flavor, I don't think he was impressed.

Next we had to wait and wait and wait for the dentist to arrive. It was probably only 10 minutes, but when you're stuck in an exam room with 2 antsy preschoolers using all 4 exam chairs as an amusement park, it can feel like an eternity! Tom did some laps running around and around the big room. Abby mostly played with the chairs. Of course they wanted my chair, the one that spins!

Finally the dentist arrives and Abby happily climbs back into the exam chair. She even opened her mouth for the dentist! She wasn't bothered by the gloves and mask. She let the dentist count her teeth, examine her gums etc. Tom was getting nervous because he wanted to know why she had those two tools in her mouth. The mirror and the pokey thing. We assured him she was just counting. By the time it was his turn I could see his wheels turning already. "I just met you and you want to stick your hands where? In my mouth?" He did lie down for a mili-second. Then leapt out of the exam chair and into my arms, clinging to me like a little monkey. The dentist then conceded, "ok, this will be a lap visit!" So I turned Tom so he was straddling me, facing me. Then he laid down onto the dentist's lap, as she was facing me in the other swivel chair. I held his hands and legs while the dentist held his head with one hand and counted things with the other as he screamed and whaled the whole time. The good thing about screaming children is, they open their mouths for that activity. Perfect for a trip to the dentist. She painted some flouride all over the twins teeth and then proceeded to tell me they couldn't eat for an hour. Great! It was 11:30 by this point. She also gave me instruction not to brush their teeth that night, rather hold off until the next morning. Well that didn't go over well with Tom. He is a creature of habit. He does the same things at the same times every day. After story time he brushes his teeth, well, I brush his teeth. That night was no exception. I tried to just lightly cover all the surfaces but he wasn't having it, he made me brush every single tooth several times. Little stinker. Abby on the other hand was beyond thrilled to not brush her teeth. She hates that activity, as we've been having to pin her down and force her lately.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Steel Bladder Strikes Again

Tom inherited my steel bladder. This is great for extra lengthy errands or car trips, but not so great when I want to teach good potty habits at home. In general he is "forced" to potty before nap time and before bed time. He rarely asks to go potty in between those times. Some days it's like pulling teeth to get him to go on the potty. Today was one of those day i thought I was going to rip my hair out.

First we had a late lunch, so we were behind schedule by about a half hour. Around 1:15 I started to gather the troops. Abby went potty without a problem, she always does. I chased Tom down and got him to sit on the potty around 1:30. I came in and out of the bathroom (mostly in, perching on the edge of the bath tub trying to coax him to go potty) asking him if he was done. By 1:50 my patience was wearing thin. I started begging, pleading, bribing. I held his hand, as he asked. No go. I gave him brown bears, as he asked, still no go. So I took away brown bears and told him he could hold them when he was done. Still nothing. By 5 after 2PM Abby was tired and wanted to go to bed. I left the bathroom and told Tom to keep trying (he hadn't peed ALL day, so I KNOW there was something in there). I sat in the twins bedroom with Abby while she was falling asleep. About 5-10 minutes had gone by and I noticed Tom was really quiet so I went to go check on him. He had fallen asleep on the potty! This was a first! I almost snapped a picture, but I felt so bad for him I whisked him off the potty. He'd been sitting on the potty so long, the potty seat was stuck to him and had to be peeled off his baby bottom. He collapsed into my shoulder as I carried him, pants around the ankles to bed.

In the end he won. He never went potty and he'll use the diaper I put on him instead. I hate losing.