Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Telford Twin First!

It took some convincing, but after Abby woke with a fever this morning, I had to convince Tom it was ok to go to preschool......without her! He looked at me with worried eyes, "will you still come back to pick me up?" Of course! I'm so proud of him for not throwing a fit and having a good day at preschool. I have no idea what they did all day at preschool because all I could get out of him was, "I don't know!" He did make a surprise gift for me though. Sealed in a blue envelope written on the front, "To Mom From Tom" and inside was a blue piece of paper with blue marker scribbled all over it and a bunch of stickers. He loves stickers. What 3 year old doesn't?! The first thing he said when he came into the car and saw Abby, "Abby are you feeling better?" So sweet. I tell ya, these two kids have something special between them.


Andrea said...

It is very - very - rare for Ryan and Brayden to do things apart from each other too. I'm glad Tom handled it so well. And how did Abby do all alone at home without Tom??

The Mantha Family said...

That is very sweet that Tom wanted to know how his sister is doing. They are very lucky to have each other. And that's a beautiful picture! Hope Abby is feeling better.