Friday, January 11, 2008

My Afternoon

I left the house around 1pm today and didn't return until nearly 6pm. 5 hours without the twins! Shocker! it wasn't all fun and games though. Some of it was fun.

First I stopped by Sports Authority to pick up some pretty pink socks for Hannah Banana's trip to the snow with us.

Then I stopped by Old Navy to pick up a new outfit for my dinner party tomorrow. (Happy Early Birthday to me! Happy Belated Birthday to Paul!) That part was fun. Wandering around a retail store for an hour with no rushing, no crying (the twins, not me), no whining (again...usually the twins, unless I'm hungry) and no money best of all because I had a gift card!!! (thank you Mom) I ended up with a v-neck top thingy and some jeans. I bought the jeans a size bigger than normal so I could actually eat and not be squished after the big meal I plan to eat tomorrow. Don't get too excited folks, I still bought a size two.

My next stop though was more exciting! (sarcasm) I went downtown to the doctor where I weighed in at 118 pounds. I gained two pounds in two weeks (thank you double stuff oreos) The most disappointing news was my lung function. I can no longer walk and talk at the same time, without getting winded, severely. My lung capacity went down from 1.57 Liters 5 weeks ago, to 1.48 Liters two weeks ago, to a stunning 1.27 Liters today. (normal function for someone my age and size is about 3 Liters) I don't expect to be 3 liters, but 1.57 is good. I want that. I stopped taking the antibiotics that were just making me sick and tired anyway and started some new ones (that don't make me sick and tired) My next appointment is Monday. If I can't get some improvement by Monday i may end up back in lock up (the good 'ole hospital) again. That should be fun for next week.

After the doctor office, I phoned Nicole and we passed the time by gabbing away while I sat in Friday traffic on Hwy 99. I had to stop by the lab to get some blood drawn. Surprising but true, just one stick and all the tubes were full. Yay for butterfly needles! The doc wants to find out if I have some sort of mold spore thing going on, which might explain why my health has been so rough in the last couple of years.

Then it was off to the pharmacy. I filled some prescriptions and have to wait for my insurance to bicker for a few days about others.

After the pharmacy I picked up dinner. Pizza for 3 and spanish rice, from Jimboy's next door for Tom. Yum! When I got home the house was dark. The whole family was sitting in the living room and Tom and Abby were beside themselves giddy with excitement as I walked into the pitch black room. We finally had to threaten a time out to get Tom to leave the lights on during dinner. (No one had a time out and the lights stayed on) Tomorrow the g'parents are picking the twins up for 24 hours so we can have a twin free day/evening for our birthday celebrations!

So that's the haps here! What an afternoon. Whew!

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The Mantha Family said...

Whoa!! You got a ton done in your afternoon. Right on! And I hope you don't have to go to the hospital - not during your birthday week!