Friday, January 04, 2008


Tom eats breakfast in the dark:

I can finally turn on my heater, now that the power just now turned back on. You don't have to feel too bad for me, it is 65 in here. I'm just used to 70!

Now on to the post I wrote this morning:

The power has gone out four times since 7:20 this morning. I'm actually typing this offline at the moment *gasp!* as the power is still out. Yay for laptop batteries. Boo for wifi that needs a power source. I was woken up when the power went out the first time because my oxygen concentrator beeps at me when it's unhappy. Killing the power source unexpectedly makes it unhappy. The third time the power came back on, I got my nebulizers ready to start since this could turn out to be a long morning in the dark. Well, the power went out before I could even fire up the air compressor. I was right. It is going to be a long morning. There's something about not being able to breath that puts me in a bad mood. It's 7:56 now and the twins are still sleeping, as far as I know! The monitor is not working, so I can't hear them anyway. I'm sure they'd be yelling loud enough for me to hear the ruckus once they figured out their light doesn't work.

Tom informed Paul yesterday, out of the blue, "I like mama coke now!" Busted! I was out shopping last night and Paul was home making dinner for the kiddos and that's when Tom declared his love for Coca-Cola. What happened was, we were out to lunch at Johnny Rockets (yum!) and Tom burned his mouth on the french fries. He wasn't in tears, just a bit of distress. There was no water on the table, just my coke and Jenn's Sprite. So I asked him if he wanted to take a sip of my Coke. He sipped the smallest sip on the planet, looked at me, smiled and said, "I need more!" So I let him have two more sips, that's it. They were real sips this time around and then I cut him off. Well, two days later, he still remembers that sweet taste. Great! This is the last thing I need. My carboholic-nothing by preservatives son hooked on Coke. At least juice has vitamins...when I can get it into him! Right now he is all milk, all the time. That's fine with me, as long as it doesn't turn into chocolate milk all the time!


Andrea said...

You make me laugh! If we didn't have heat today it would have been closer to 30 in our house!! I guess that's the difference between CA and OH! Enjoy having yoru heat back! :-)

The Mantha Family said...

Oh no! Sorry you didn't have power. Hope it stays on for good now!