Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Go Away!

Tom and Abby are creatures of habit. When they wake from a nap they like to play with certain toys from the closet. Tom always pulls out all his hot wheels and monster trucks and lines them up all over the room. Abby plays "doctor office" with her stuffed animals. This is where she takes all the doctor tools and regular tools (like toy hammers and screw drivers) and methodically hits each stuffed animal with each toy until she's finished all toys and all animals. This goes on twice a day actually, first thing in the morning and after their nap.

Well today I went into their room 10 minutes after they had waken, hoping that was enough time for them to finish their rituals. I was greeted with surprised faces and some screams, "Go away mommy! We're not finished yet." So I closed the door and retreated to my room for another 20 minutes. Gee, do you think I schedule these kids much? As much as I like to stick to my schedule of events for the day, it's becoming apparent my overzealous scheduling is rubbing off. A little OCD perhaps!

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The Mantha Family said...

That is very cute! And it is nice for you that they play so well together so you can have some time to yourself!