Wednesday, January 16, 2008


What is it with bubbles? My kids are addicted to blowing bubbles, popping bubbles and eating bubbles (yes EATING!) Here are a couple of photos from yesterday's bubble fun with Daddy.

Abby is also in love with her new princess shirt. I saw them on sale at my favorite store, Target of course, and had to run out and get one for her on Sunday. She couldn't wait to wear it. In fact when I got home Sunday night she wore it until bath time. But yesterday was the first day she wore it, without tags. She's such a girl! In love with everything frilly and pink!

Today Abby had to use the potty. Just as she is bare bottomed, ready to squat, Tom runs into the bathroom and pushes her off the step stool and onto the ground. I pushed Tom to the side with one hand, and scooped her up, pants around her ankles and all, to put her back on the potty. Then I scooped up my now screaming 3 year old son and took him to a different room to calm him down. He has funny ideas about the potty. That toilet sits in the bathroom 24 hours a day 365 days a year, but he's only interested once Abby's on it. Can someone say jealous? Needless to say, they both laid down for a much needed nap after that episode.

Do you notice anything different about my photos in this post? You should! Paul bought a brand new digital camera. You'll have to ask him about the specs because all I know is I actually had to sign for it from UPS (usually they leave it at the door) so it must be nice.


Andrea said...

Bubbles are a big hit with Ryan and Brayden too! Can't wait for spring to get them out again. By the way - I did notice a bit of a quality difference in the pictures! Enjoy the new camera!

The Mantha Family said...

Tom and Abby have very cool sunglasses. And they match their outfits ... snazzy!

Anonymous said...

what kind of camera did Paul get? We got a new Nikon for Christmas, tons of photos on it, and I haven't downloaded them to the computer yet.... LOL
Pam (Hunter's mom)