Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Boots Have Arrived!

I'm so excited. Tom and Abby's snow boots have arrived. When I showed them to Tom and Abby, Tom said, "See Mom, I knew they could come in light blue!"

Tom was so fixated on getting light blue snow boots, not RED! Now we can plan our snow excursion anytime! I don't know why I'm so excited to go up to the snow, personally I find it too cold to enjoy. But I think it will be fun to watch Paul and the kids enjoy it. (While I sip my hot coco from the lodge!)

I also made the twins very first dental appointment for January 25. I told Tom we'd be going to the dentist in a couple weeks. I told him the dentist will ask him to sit in the chair, open his mouth and clean his teeth. Tom said "And I will say NO THANK YOU!" Oh, boy. This is going to be a treat. Maybe I'll bring the video camera. What if he grows up to be a dentist?


Andrea said...

Cool boots! Do you have somewhere you go to play in the snow? It was 67 here last week and all of our snow melted. So the boys are waiting paitently to play in the snow - I'm sure it will be soon!

The Mantha Family said...

How did you get Tom to agree to something other than red? That's surprising! I wonder how the kids know to fear the dentist - they've never even been before.