Sunday, January 20, 2008

Birthday Celebrations Continue....

Even though we technically celebrated my birthday nearly a week ago the celebrations continue. I have been getting cards in the mail for a week now. My mantel is now covered with birthday wishes. Paul surprised me on my actual birthday by showing up early, home from MacWorld at noon on Friday. A treat indeed! The twins helped deliver my gifts. I got a book of car wash coupons, because after all what more could a girl want than to keep her brand new car clean! The coupons are not for the drive through gas station car wash either. This is a whole outfit designed to pamper the trusty vehicles we depend on to cart ourselves around town. There's the washing, the drying, the vacuuming, even a brand new dangly air freshener to hang from the rear view mirror. I never get that part though because Tom makes me take it down, as leaves are meant to be outdoors. I also got an autographed copy of "The Power Of Two: A Twin Triumph over Cystic Fibrosis". I met the Stenzel twins many years ago at CF camp. They are truly gifted women, in every sense of the word. I highly recommend supporting them and buying this book! In addition to the book of coupons and the book to read I got my most beloved snack, candy! I don't usually buy candy bars, but Paul knows just how to spoil me.

Since we didn't have cake on my actual birthday, Paul bought some deluxe cupcakes at the grocery store today. He thought about just buying one for the birthday girl and then wised up. Here's some pictures of my two peas in a pod enjoying their very own cup cakes.

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The Mantha Family said...

Love those cupcakes - yum! I just asked Srikant to get me that book for my birthday. I don't know much about CF, so I'm interested to read it.