Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008

Today is the last day of the year. I haven't updated much lately because there isn't a whole lot going on. I've been hanging around the house with the occasional spending spree at Target.

On Saturday Paul and I dropped the twins off at Oma and Papas for the night. We had an engagement party to go to in El Dorado Hills. I told Tom that Mom and Dad had a grown up party to go to and he informed me that he likes grown up parties. I told him they were very boring for kids. There's no balloons and no toys. He asks me, "So it's just talking?" then a long pause.... "is there cake?" I couldn't lie, after all it was a dessert party! Yes, there will be cake. "I like boring parties. I want to go with you." Isn't he sweet? I assured him his party at Oma and Papa's would be much more fun for him and that was the end of it really.

Abby got the movie "Tinkerbell" for Christmas. She watched it a couple days ago so now she goes "fluttering" around the house with her "wings" behind her. It's like she clapping her hands behind her back, only they aren't touching together. It's really quite cute.

Tonight we have a sitter and Paul and I are actually celebrating New Year's Eve in downtown Sacramento. We're not staying out until midnight...that would be ridiculous. There are some fireworks (meant for children) at 9PM. Much more my speed! They have fireworks and a ball drop at midnight for those adult party animals. Oh... to be young again! Instead I'm trapped in this 100 year old body, sleeping (or wanting to sleep) 10 + hours a day!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Celebrations

You have to expect during the month of December I have to talk about Christmas A LOT! So here goes my final post about Christmas (I think!)

The twins woke up at 7AM on Christmas morning. They were so excited to rip through their gifts! When it was all said and done Tom asked if there were more gifts to open. Lucky for him, the grandparents and aunts and uncles were coming over later that day with more presents! He was thrilled. I'm pretty sure everyone got what they wanted and then some!

Paul and I cooked Christmas dinner, a ham and some fixings. The roast potatoes were provided by Oma and they were delish! I think the highlight for most was the dessert. Paul made this beautiful butter cream cranberry cake from scratch for dessert. All I did was tie some christmassy ribbon around the cake plate for decoration. I don't think it would have mattered though, the cake would have been gorgeous without the ribbons.

Pictures from Christmas day can be found here. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

The twins are in bed. The presents are wrapped. The cookies and milk are waiting for Santa! We're ready for Christmas!

Here is a picture of Tom and Abby tonight in their new pajamas from the Christmas Eve pajama exchange! I made them pose for this picture, but it says so much. They really are best friends. And I can hardly believe they are twins. Look at how tall Tom looks!

Six Pack Gathering 2008

Every year me and my 5 college roommates try and get together around Christmas. Two of the girls live out of state, so this is normally the season they come back home to California. This year we were only a 5 pack because KT is enjoying her 3 week old newborn, Mae, at her home in Boston.

I drove the twins to San Mateo for this years gathering. It's a 2 hour drive and the twins did awesome. They are such good travelers. I am one of those moms that for the time being, is against videos in the car. The twins generally amuse themselves by looking out the window and reading my google maps. Imagine that! Free entertainment? Who every heard of such a thing. Tom was so into my map that he actually recognized the freeway signs as we drove from 5 to 205 to 580 to 238 to 880 to 92 to 101. Yeah, we had to take that many freeways! His favorite was the "one zero one". Maybe because I told him when we got to 101 we were almost there!

We got to Coyote Point Museum just after 10AM. The twins had a blast running around this children's museum. It was a great place where the adults could talk and keep an eye on the kids while they ran the wiggles out. The twins had a couple playmates this year as we were joined by Mayra's 3.5 year old nephew, Amadeus, Jenn's 14 month old daughter, Sophia, and Amy's 4 month old daughter, Ella.

Around 11:30 we packed up the twins and went to a 50's diner in downtown San Mateo called Jeffrey's. It was the perfect loud atmosphere we needed with 4 toddlers and one infant, not to mention the burgers, fries and shakes were deeeeelish!

On the way home I told Tom and Abby to take a nap. We left around 2pm which is their normal nap time anyway. Tom was very concerned about sleeping in the car. He kept telling me dad doesn't let him sleep in the car. This is funny because it's actually been awhile since we told them not to sleep in the car. Sometimes if we've been out to a late lunch and we have a drive home we try and keep the twins awake, so they get a full nap once we return home. If they cat nap in the car, we lose out on nap time at home. So yeah, we tell them not to sleep in the car on occasion, and apparently Tom remembers this! Then he was concerned because it wasn't dark out. We have shades and curtains in their room to keep it dark during nap time. This is especially helpful in the summertime. I told him I didn't have curtains for the car and it was ok to just close his eyes. He ended sleeping most of the way home, over 90 minutes of the trip! Abby didn't sleep nearly half that long. I don't blame her. I find it hard to sleep sitting up too!

Here are some pictures I took in San Mateo yesterday. Notice, half way through the set they get blurry and fuzzy on the left hand side of the photos. That is none other than yours truly... a greasy fingerprint on the lens cause I'm just cool like that.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Bizarre Bedtime

Last night was weird! There is no other way to put it. It was just weird!

So the Morrills came over to exchange Christmas presents (yes Nicole is still pregnant). Tom was thrilled, beyond thrilled to get a Duplo Lightning McQueen Lego set. He was rubbing his hands together, screeching with joy. I think coupled with the fact that it was now bedtime is what brought on the weirdest night we've had in a long long time.

It all started with a conversation on the potty. I was telling Tom not to come out of his room in the morning until his watch was on the seven. I even joked saying "or eight... or nine." He doesn't quite understand how to tell time but I was pretty sure he understood the concept of the big hand and the little hand.

Well 9:30 PM rolls around and Paul came into our room to tell me he just had to put the twins to bed, AGAIN! He said they had their light on and they were playing in their room. For the last year lights out has been at 7:30. Then they have "talking time" where they are not allowed to play with toys but they can talk to each other in the dark. At 8:30 (when "the big hand is on the six" as far as the twins are concerned) it is last call for potty time. After potty time it is no more talking time and the twins are quiet and fall right asleep.

But for some reason last night the excitement of having new toys and my comment about waking up on the 8 or 9 confused Tom. He swore up and down he fell asleep and woke up and now, at 9:30 PM it was morning and he could play because "mom said I could wake up whenever I wanted to." Dad told them it was still nighttime, put the toys down and go back to sleep.

Well another hour goes by, Paul is snoring in the bed next to me and I swear I hear the twins' light go on again. (it's kinda loud the way Tom does it) But I thought, nah, it can't be. And I rolled over and tried to sleep. Well an hour goes by and I hear talking. They were totally awake! I was so confused! I woke Paul up and asked him to check it out for me. Sure enough, lights are on they are up and playing with a boat load of toys all over the place! Tom's excuse this time was "my watch was on the seven!" So I can't be certain, but I think I did hear the light go on at 10:35 and they had been playing for an HOUR in the middle of the night! They have NEVER done this before. What a weird night!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Groove

It's all about the holidays here. Holiday wrapping. Holiday mail. Holiday eating. Holiday baking.

My mom came over Friday with some plain sugar cookies in assorted Christmas shapes. The twins were very eager to get frosting! They frosted with some basting brushes and then sprinkled, er... I mean doused the cookies with icing and sprinkles of all colors.

I've been busy making my list and checking it twice. I went out to Wal Mart yesterday so I could find some special wrapping for the Santa gifts. I found Santa paper and sparkly ribbon and special sparkly gift tags. Paul insisted the twins wouldn't care or notice, but I think they might. I dunno. I sure had fun wrapping them!

The rest of the twins gifts were hastily wrapped in the same paper I've had lying around since last year. There are wrinkles, some holes and no ribbons. I didn't want to waste my time. But I am done wrapping! ....almost. Isn't it true? Every time you think you're done there's just ONE MORE gift to buy or wrap? That always happens to me.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Bird

For the second time this week Abby has had some sort of paper cut on her finger. And for the second time this week she has asked for a band aid straight away. I think she's getting to the age where band aids are fun! Unfortunately for me for the second time this week the injury has taken residence on her middle finger. So yup, that's right, after I wrap it up with a band aid she sticks the finger out there by itself thereby giving us all the bird. I try so hard not to laugh...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Santa Photos

Every year since the twins were born we've taken them to see Santa. Tom is still very unsure of the big man in red. Abby is getting more and more friendly with Santa. She even told him all about the three things she wanted for Christmas this year. Here's a look at the photos through the years. Which one is your favorite?






Friday, December 12, 2008

The Santa Parade 2008

Our Parks and Rec district coordinates with the fire department for an annual Santa and Sirens Parade. This is our third Christmas in Elk Grove, but our first experience with the event.

Last night we went to a friends house on the parade route, though it was less than a mile from our house, it was more fun to let the kids play together and eat pizza while we waited for Santa. The website described the event as a parade from 7-9pm. There was also a toy drive during the parade. I ended up buying gift cards to movie theaters, hoping some teenagers that normally get left off Santa's list would have something to open this Christmas.

I watched the clock tick past 7:30 and started to wonder if Santa was ever going to come down our street. We weren't sitting near the window so we had to rely on the good old fashioned ears and listen for the sirens as 4 adults gossiped while 3 four year olds and Finding Nemo screeched in the background. Our friends assured us, "Don't worry, you WILL hear it, it's the sirens are really loud." Around 7:35 I thought I heard something, a siren perhaps? But it sounded far away.. we have time.

Our friend got up to check the front to see if Santa was indeed coming. Not only was he coming, he came and went! We nearly missed the parade. He yells, "It's here! The parade is here NOW!" We all run to the door, no jackets, no shoes. I furiously grabbed some coats and the gift cards and sprinted out of the house. The twins didn't have their shoes on, we thought it'd be a good idea to let them chase down Santa on the side walk, in the dark in their socks in 40 degree weather. Tom and Abby's little friend's mom scooped Tom up and carried him over the grass I did the same for Abby. After all, there was no time for shoes!

The sprinting continued as we are throwing our jackets over ourselves chasing that fire truck! Finally we caught up. Kids still without shoes, no jackets, everyone panting (the adults with exhaustion, the kids with excitement)... Tom and Abby's little friend's dad had the sense to grab Tom and Abby's shoes when he went back to the house for the camera. I rushed to put Abby's shoes on and the chase continued. Who knew 2 miles an hour was so fast? All the while me and the other mom were wandering in the middle of the street wondering where do we drop our gifts? This is a toy drive after all!

Finally the van following Santa asked us if we had donations. We were able to throw the gifts in the back of the van. And still... the chase carried on! It's like we were part of the parade. By this point Tom had his jacket and shoes on, but Abby did not have her jacket. In the mayhem of leaving the house in such a hurry I didn't realize her jacket was still in my car. There was no time to get the keys and get the jacket out. We had to find Santa! And off Abby went.

We followed the parade for a good quarter mile I think and then headed back to the house. My lungs were burning and I was coughing up a storm thanks to the cold weather I think. But in the end the twins had a BLAST chasing down Santa with their preschool buddy. Maybe next year we'll sit near a window!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Haircut

Tom was way way way overdue for a haircut, but I've been to lazy to take him to the salon lately.

This picture is from Thanksgiving, so you can imagine how much more unmanageable his hair has gotten in two more weeks.

This morning I thought we'd hit the salon and then go where else, but Target. (we had to buy christmas gifts for Daddy!) Tom poo poo'd the idea of going to the salon. Well boo. Ok, I'll clip his hair with the less than fancy electric clippers we have here. Well he poo poo'd that idea too! He said he'd sit for me, but I had to use scissors. This will be new!

So I armed myself with a comb and some scissors and went to work. It only took 30 minutes and he did pretty fabulous, except when he'd duck his head real fast as I'm in mid cut. It's not perfect, but it's not bad either. I actually think the camera makes it look better than it is.

He made me take the picture with Fergus the engine in it.

So... about our trip to Target. I thought the kids would be into it because they told me what they wanted to buy. All we had to do was pick it out. We were there less than 30 minutes and let me tell you, I was one of "those" moms with the uncontrollable children. They were loud and running everywhere. Ok, they weren't that loud and they weren't really running, more like trotting but it was really annoying. I couldn't for the life of me control them. Who are these kids? They see racks of electronics, clothes, toys, food... whatever and they go berserk running up and down the aisles like it's an amusement park. I sat down and talked to them once while we were there and that didn't do any good at all.

And then get this! As we were walking to the car they start giggling uncontrollably. They say, "We put something in your pocket from Target!" Oh... My... God. What????!!! Now I have shoplifters? It turns out they had found little plastic tags from the tops of the hangers, you know the bits that tell you what size is hanging on that hanger? Yeah, those are the items they stuffed in my jacket pocket. At least I didn't have to return to the store for that!

On the way home I expressed my severe disappointment in how they acted in the store. I told them if they can't behave we won't be doing any of the fun things THEY want to do sometimes. Tom got real quiet. A few minutes later he says, "no more playdates?" Poor kid. Guess I scared him. Then he says, "I'm sorry mom. But you didn't tell us what we had to do before we got to Target." And he's right. Usually I explain what we need to do when we go somewhere. Like details about holding hands or walking next to the cart etc. Tom's all about instruction and direction and I think he loses focus if he's not following some type of direct order. Anyway, now I know for next time... if there is a next time.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Just Sweet

I love this picture. I can't stand it! It's so adorable. And props to myself for taking it! Our "good" camera, you know the one that can do a bazillion things at the touch of a button, is in for repair. I was thrilled to get this one good shot on Saturday with the Powershot. Yay me!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Snip and Run

Tom and Abby were unusually quiet after their movie ended this afternoon. I could hear them in the living room. I was busy in my room, strapped down to my treatments, as I am everyday after lunch. It's just been so long since they got into this kind of mischief!

So they have these scissors. I bought them the cutest plastic "safe" scissors last Christmas. Unfortunately they were so safe they failed to even cut paper. So i went back to my favorite retail establishment (Target, for those not in the know) and bought them real scissors. They are small and cute and tiny but must be used with supervision. The twins can reach them on the kitchen counter in the "pencil" bin as this is where the scissors have lived for 11 months without incident.

But not today.

Today I came out of my room to find them snipping away at their soccer goal! They have this huge soccer net gifted to them from Auntie Rachel last Christmas and now half the net is missing, snipped to shreds!

As soon as I rounded the corner I gasped so loud I thought I frightened Abby. She burst into tears and ran for cover in her bed. First I grabbed the camera to snap a picture of this mess, then I went to go check on Abby. I found her hiding under her covers sobbing like a little baby.

It turns out she wasn't upset because I found her misbehaving. She wasn't upset because I gasped so loud I scared her. She was mad because I disturbed her before she finished! I think it's a similar notion when your cat proudly brings you a dead bird. She was actually proud of her grand idea and I spoiled her big reveal.

Tom was pleased as punch that this wasn't his idea. He was sure to remind me over and over that it was all Abby's idea. He just copied her.

We had a long talk about scissors and keeping our playthings nice. After their nap I told them they had to pick up the mess. Abby says to me, "No. I think you should call the housekeepers so they can vacuum it up!" I told her she could either pick it up now or she could have a time out and then pick it up. She got down on all fours and started scraping together the bits faster than I could blink!

After dinner Tom asked me about Santa and if he had to be good to get his gifts. We've been talking a lot lately about being good little boys and girls. Abby pipes up all worried, she points her little finger and squeaks "doooon't tell santa I snipped my net with my snippers! Doooon't tell him!"

Life with twins is so glamorous!


*opens package of pushpins*

*secures Superior Scribbler Award*

Ta Da! What do you think? Rhiannon thinks my blog is worthy of the SSA. Thank you Rhi! ((hugs))

Now I must bequeath this award to five of my favorite blogs. I follow a lot of great blogs, so this is hard for me!

Paul's this guy, who thinks he's really funny. Even though he's had a lack of updates lately, I really enjoy his humor when he does have something to say. Oh, and did I mention I'm married to him?

Nicole always has a funny story to tell. Whether it be about herself, her husband, her dog or her daughter. I can't wait to read about the mayhem that ensues once Samantha gets here too!

Chrissie is a mom to twins and a twin herself! She has the most creative craft ideas for preschoolers. Maybe someday when I'm not so lazy I'll try them out with my twins!

I commissioned a caricature from Rick last year. I love reading about the other commissions he works on.

Ok so I know Bree's already been nominated but I don't think most of my readers know about her. I think she is hilarious. She says what we all want to say sometimes and since she is dying from a horrid lung disease, her blog is also a reminder, if you're not registered to be an organ and tissue donor, do it now! Seriously, what else are you going to do with your body when you're dead? Save a life! Do it!

Okay nominees, here are your rules:
1. Post the award on your blog
2. Link me for giving it to you
3. Link the originating post nominating you here.
4. Pass the award on to 5 more deserving people
5. Post these rules for your recipients

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

After the twins were safely down for their nap Paul mentioned that his back was hurting. So of course I asked him to climb a 10 foot ladder and drag a 700 pound christmas tree down from the attic. I was there to "help" of course. I watched and he labored.

Then I did what any normal OCD person would do. Clean the gardening gloves! You see I have this artificial Christmas tree but it's so darn prickly! Why do they have to be so prickly? So every year I drag out the rubber rose trimming gloves from the stack of gardening supplies that I never use. They were very muddy this year and I'm not quite sure how that happened because like I mentioned, I never use them. So i washed them up in the sink before I got icky gooey dirt all over my artificial pre-lit Christmas tree.

So this tree comes in three bits. I believe it's a 7 foot tree and thank god we didn't get the 9 foot model. Do you know how long it took me to arrange these branches? Each branch has 3 sections and there are no less than a bazillion branches on this model. So about 90 minutes later I was drenched in sweat and finally able to ornament the tree, and Paul was done soaking his back in the hot tub.

Lucky for me by now the twins were up from their nap! Tom showed little interest in the actual decoration. He hung around for a couple minutes and then went to go play computer games with daddy. Abby and I did the deed. Well, she unpacked all the ornaments and then hung them one by one on the EXACT SAME BRANCH every single time. So I kept asking her if it was ok if I moved them. She didn't seem to care, in fact the last time I asked her she said "Yeeeeessssss! And STOP asking me that!" So I picked from her clump of ornaments and moved them all around the tree. i think it tuned out ok. Except for the fact we somehow uncovered a string of lights with little plastic Santas hanging from them. I think they're supposed to go in a window, probably from our college years... but I have no recollection of buying them. Well Tom wanted to put those on the tree as well. So we have this tiny string of 8 little Santas off to one side of the tree because it needs to be near enough to an outlet to light up. My symmetrical tree is no longer symmetrical. *sigh*

Orange please!

Tom asked me a very interesting question on Monday. He asked, "Mom, have I ever had an orange?" Of course he's had an orange, but just like everything else in this world he stopped eating them about 2.5 years ago. I mean, it's rough being the pickiest kid on the planet. There's no variety in your diet! He eats three fruits. Bananas, apples and strawberries. And right now, strawberries, if I can find them, are $5 a pound in the grocery store. Double what they cost during the summer months, so I only spoil him with them a couple times a month.

Again on Tuesday he asked the same question, "Mom, have I ever eaten and orange?" Again, my answer, "of course you've had an orange, but it was a long long time ago." Then he said he wanted to try one, right then! Well that posed a problem because it was nap time and there were no oranges in the house. I promised him I would call daddy and have him pick up an orange and he can have it after his nap.

Well I'm the worst mother in the world because I forgot to have Paul pick up the orange. A couple more days pass and Thursday night after dinner he asks again, "Mom? Have I ever eaten an orange?" Again, same answer. This time I promise to pick one up while he's in preschool on Friday morning. And I did! Actually I bought two! I was feeling optimistic that he was going to fall in love with oranges.

After Tom woke up from his nap on Friday afternoon I told him I had two oranges for him. His eyes sparkled. I mean, just like I had told him he won a million dollars sparkle. Then he got all excited and said he'd eat one orange now and one after dinner. Perfect! Paul peeled the orange quickly in the kitchen and I ran to get the camera just as Tom was sitting down to eat. I practically tripped on my way to the kitchen because I wanted to be there to film the experience. I'm not sure I can do it justice, so I'll just post the video here and you can tell me what you think. Do we have an orange lover in the house?

Thursday, December 04, 2008

All I Want For Christmas...

I already told you guys what the twins were wishing for for Christmas. Now it's my turn. Plus I have a birthday coming up in January and I always get showered with gifts at that time too. I don't think my wish list is that of a typical 32 year old wife/mother but these are things I haven't bought for myself and they'd be really useful at times!

So here goes in no particular order:

Park Trek S is a super cool nebulizer that's ultra compact and easy to pack for long trips or even overnighters. Considering i spend nearly 3 hours a day strapped to one of these things, it'd surely get a lot of use! I probably wouldn't use it at home though. I have a clunkier model with greater PSI that I use all the time at home. But if you saw what I had to pack already just to stay the night (or afternoon for that matter) away from home you'd understand why I'd want a duplicate item, just smaller.

My mother has offered to buy the Pari Trek S for me as a Christmas/Birthday gift. Yay! You see... dreams do come true.

Nonin Onyx Pulse Oximeter. Again, this seems ridiculous, but since I have trouble keeping my sats up while exercising it'd be nice to know if I'm really de-satting and of course if I'm exercising at home I can just wear my oxygen. This little do-hickey with tell me what I need to know. Why don't I just ask my insurance for one of these? Well they may cover a pulse oximeter, although I haven't had any luck yet, but the device they'll give me is about 5 times the size and plugs into the wall. Not very convenient.

Fleet Feet Gift Certificate. By now you're probably thinking who is this girl and why is she asking for shoes? With my recent endeavor into exercise I have asked every single one of my running friends about my knee problems. And every single one of them said shoes shoes shoes shoes. It's all about the shoes! The shoes I have are pretty. I picked them out earlier this year because they were pink. I haven't had them that long and I use them to run errands. Recently I started using them for exercise, since they are my only pair of tennis shoes. Well apparently good running shoes cost about $100-$150. Ouch! Regardless of what I get for Christmas I will be going to Fleet Feet to pick up some good old running shoes so any gift certificate in any amount would be lovely.

Wii Fit. I've actually been interested in this game since we got our Wii last December. I loooove yoga and I'm sure there are other fitness related activities that go along with this game. I think it's just the type of video game that I might actually use!

Ok, now that I've asked for a bazillion dollars worth of electronic do-dads, let's get back to basics.

Bath and Body Works Cucumber Melon Hand Cream. Over the years my lungs have become increasingly sensitive to perfumes and lotions, but I have found this cucumber melon scent to be less potent. As in.. it doesn't make me hack up a lung. So I got some of this "Hand Repair Healing Hand Cream" from bath and body works a couple years ago and I'm nearly running out! After looking on their website this seems to be the closest product they offer today. It's probably the same stuff, just different packaging.

Kiss My Face Lip Balm. Paul bought me several tubes of the peach flavor a couple years in a row and now, sadly, I'm on my last tube. I love this stuff, but in a pinch any old Chap Stick will do.

I love Target. Probably to an unhealthy level. I mean I live there. And I actually enjoy shopping for myself from time to time. Especially when we have vacation coming up... like MEXICO! Anyway, gift cards for my favorite addiction are good too.

Paul got me a gift certificate to Bubbles Car Wash last year. Basically you buy a coupon book of 5 or 10 washes. I always get the Tiny Bubbles wash. I love being able to take my car there and pay with the coupons because I also get a discount that way too. Apparently my little SUV is "oversized" but when you buy the coupon book they don't charge you the $2.00 oversize fee. Makes me feel like I'm getting away with something.

I hope that helps for people that think I'm hard to buy for. I'm really not. I'd be happy with a sack full of gummy bears!


I almost forgot! Another thing on my wish list is a gym membership. I've never belonged to a gym and always wanted to try one.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Kindergarten Here We Come!

Thanks to my wonderful wonderful husband the twins have excellent priority in Kindergarten registration. He got to the school at 6:30 this morning and stood in line for an hour. He was 9th in line so I believe he got packets 9 and 10. The school has the capability to enroll 160 Kindergarteners, so number 9 and 10 isn't too shabby!

What does good priority get you these days?

Well first and most importantly it gives us pretty much the pick of which kindergarten class we want. In this year round system, there are 4 tracks and two of them are more desirable than the other two. I have my heart set on Track A, which is "most" traditional. Track A starts in August with breaks for the month of November and March and ends in May. And there are AM and PM classes. I'm hoping to get into the PM class that starts at 10:45 in the morning. I have 12 more years to rush them out the door before 8AM so why start in Kindergarten? After all, I have nowhere else to be!

In addition to getting the Kindergarten placement we would like, these priority numbers stick with the twins throughout their career at this school through sixth grade. For example, in the third grade if for some reason the school has to boot some kids out of class and move them to a different track then those kids with lower priority (a higher number from four years earlier) would have to change tracks. Hopefully that won't be us! It happened to the twins' preschool teacher's kids.

That's about it as far as I know. I'm anxious to fill the paperwork out and turn it all in. I can't believe my babies are going to Kindergarten in less than a year!

I'm glad we're not at a super crowded school. There's one school here in Elk grove that only enrolls 100 Kindergarteners, which is way less than the number of Kindergarteners in that boundary. One of the twins' preschool buddies is in that school next year and her mom had to camp out last night at 6PM! So they waited 14 hours to get the number 8 spot in line. Craziness. I have no idea why all this is so competitive and complicated, but that is the world we live in here in California.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Decoration Bees

Tom has this little chair in the living. He likes to use it when he's drawing or pretending to read books. I noticed today he had moved it.

I asked him why he moved his chair.

Because I didn't want to be near the fireplace.

Oh? Why's that?

Because I wasn't sure if the bees inside were real or decoration bees.

So it's true, I have these dead bees in my fireplace. I've actually discovered they are not bees they are wasps or something. If I hadn't used my fireplace in July, yes, JULY like middle of the summer JULY, I wouldn't have dead bees in my fireplace.

What happened was, the month after I moved here (two and a half years ago) I had a friend visiting. I was showing her around the place and I got all excited to show her my fake fireplace. It even gives off a good deal of heat we learned. We settled into the living room and started to talk. I flipped the switch and poof! There goes my fake fire place all warm and toasty in JULY! We talked some more, started to get hot and turned it off. Then I noticed them. The bees! (or wasps, or whatever)

Apparently they had been making a home way up in my flue so when I turned the fireplace on, the heat killed them and down they came! I immediately called pest control and had the guy at Clark busting a gut on the other end of the phone, first because I was so frightened and second because I was using my fireplace in JULY! So now There are six or seven bee carcasses clearly visible in the fireplace window as they have been for 2.5 years. I don't know how to open the front of the fireplace to clean them out, so there they sit.

From now on I'm going to tell people they are my decoration bees.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Telford Twins 50 Months!

Here's the update for November 2008.

In November Paul and I took the twins on their first trip to the theater! We found a cute little Christmas show for children called "The Magic Toy Shop." When we arrived we found out that Santa was going to be there after the show as well! I envisioned the twins falling in love with theater and taking them every month I could get my hands on tickets. That, however, was not the case, not even close.

We entered the empty theater about 30 minutes before show time. As the seats began to fill it seemed every family had children, all about the twins' age to boot. I thought for sure we'd made a great choice to see this show with the kids. When the show began the twins sat wide eyed and seemed to enjoy it, but then... the villain! The villain appeared at the back of the theater and made his way down the aisle up onto the stage. The twins' expressions soon changed as this scary man with a big black cape boomed through the theater. Abby climbed into my lap, closed her eyes, hung her head and plugged her ears until intermission.

After intermission Tom went ballistic. Yelling and screaming, "Noooo! I don't want to go in there! I want to go home!" I picked him up and carried him into the theater hoping he'd calm down. The tears continued to stream down his face. All the other children seemed completely unaffected by this villain in the show. We ended up leaving before the curtain went up. I'm fairly certain season tickets to the theater are not on Tom and Abby's Christmas wish list!

Pictures from November 2008 can be found here.

Friday, November 28, 2008


My mom hosted thanksgiving this year. We got to my mom's around noon and she had a huge pot of chili on the stove with fresh garlic bread ready for lunch. I don't even think she knew we were coming over for lunch but it was just perfect! We celebrated the holiday by making a gingerbread house, playing black jack, playing soccer in the backyard and taking pictures. We managed to squeeze the whole gang into one photograph, thanks to the help of a little self timer and ladder as a tripod.

Abby somehow completely fell into the toilet at some point and ruined her dress, but being a mom of twin toddlers I ALWAYS pack a spare change of clothes! The spare set just wasn't as pretty as the dress I picked out for her to wear. Oh well. Clean clothes, though not as cute, are always better than clothes soaked in toilet water.

I think the kids were the only ones that saved room enough for dessert after the feast. Tom had two gingerbread cookies, an ice cream cone and a brownie! Abby had the same, minus the ice cream cone. But that's what grandma's house is for right? To get spoiled!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! More pictures available on Flickr.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

All i Want For Christmas...

I've started asking Tom and Abby what they're going to ask Santa to bring them this year for Christmas and it seems every time I ask their list gets longer and longer. Here is what they told me last night.

Tom's Wishlist
Helicopter (exactly like the one he already has)
Airplane with Pilot (exactly like the one he already has)
Building blocks (exactly like the Lego Duplo blocks we already have) See a theme here???
Necklace (with his name on it, only because Abby want's a necklace with her name on it)
Thomas and Friends - The Great Discovery DVD

Lucky for Tom, Santa already found the DVD... but the other things... seems a little silly to get duplicates of toys we already have! But these were the things he was busy playing with yesterday when I asked him what he'd like for Christmas... Maybe I'll try again tomorrow!

Abby on the other hand has not wavered from her list in weeks.

Abby's Wishlist
Necklace "with my name on it so Tom knows it's mine"
Bracelet "with my name on it so Tom knows it's mine"
Phone "with my name on it so Tom knows it's mine"

She has a cute little pink toy phone but guess who always steals it? Hmmm wonder who that could be?

We'll have to see what Santa comes up with this year! Stay tuned...

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Tom started talking about annual Pezific Coast Pez Convention already. I'm kinda surprised he remembered it at all. We went last February!

He asked me if I remembered when we went to the Pez Convention and if we were going to go again. Silly question. Is the sky blue? Of course we're going! He wanted to know if we were going to do all the same things we did last time. I just had to find out what he was talking about! He starts describing his hunt for the Nemo pez that didn't have broken fins and then he talked about the Disney Cars Pez he got last year. Apparently we have a little mini-he collector on our hands!

It's funny that Tom brought up the Pez Convention today because we just booked our rooms yesterday! This year Paul and I are spoiling ourselves and getting two adjoining room for three nights. Usually we all stay in one room. The twins have blow up beds which they are perfectly happy to sleep on. But the Marriott is just not the same when you have to step over toys, suitcases and beds all over the floor. So we're spreading out! It will be nice to have the extra space and not have to pay for a suite. Plus the twins sleep a lot more than we do so it's hard to tip toe around them in the dark. This year we won't have to! And I'll get to watch TV while I babysit the sleeping beauties this year. It was a bit boring sitting in the dark while Paul went out drinking with his buddies last year. I'm looking forward to it already.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

As Seen At Home

As seen on our whiteboard this morning... so I have been assured this is completely normal. When children are developing writing skills when they learn their name really really well they will start writing it forwards and backwards. Yeah, I'm gonna stick with that.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Planet Pluto

Tom announced this evening, "Hey guys! Did you know Pluto is not a planet anymore? He's too small to be a planet." He told us Miss Phala shared this tid bit of information with him at preschool.

Paul and I were duly impressed. They're teaching about the solar system in preschool? We're definitely getting our money's worth!

Then it occurred to me, maybe... just maybe, Tom is not talking about the planet Pluto. So I asked him,

"Um Tom, what color is pluto?"

His response, "Yellow."

Indeed. Pluto is yellow.

Beautiful Summer Day!

Yesterday was so gorgeous that I couldn't resist taking the twins to the park for a couple hours. Tom was so busy digging in the sand in the sun that he forgot to tell me he needed to go potty. All of the sudden a panicked look on his face, "mom? I have to go potty!" Too late though. Damage was done.

I took him to the bathroom to finish which is where Abby nearly gave me a heart attack. First I had to pull her away from her digging so we could all trek to the bathrooms together. As family friendly as our neighborhood parks are on a Sunday morning, I still don't trust leaving my child unattended. They are so little!

So Abby trailed behind us all the way to the big cinderblock bathroom building. Tom and I went inside and apparently as soon as we got in the stall, Abby left! She just walked out. So I peeked out to look for her, and she was GONE! Holy heart attack. I ran out of the bathroom yelling her name. Luckily she was right there, but not where I could see her. There was a strange loud buzzing type sound in the bathroom and she was frightened by the sound, so she left but forgot to tell me first!

I tried as best as I could to dry off Tom's pants and underwear to no avail. So I made an emergency call to Dad to see if he'd left the house yet. He was supposed to be grocery shopping soon. Lucky for us all the stars were aligned and he hadn't left yet! So he dropped off a new pair of underwear and shorts so the park-a-palooza could continue.

After another hour or so we started to pack up to leave, but not without hunting down the drinking fountain first. Good exciting times when you're four! As Tom was walking back to his bike he exclaims, "That was nice ice cold water on a hot summer day!" He had all the parents in the sand pit laughing... you know, cause it's MID NOVEMBER! But I'm enjoying the warm weather. I know it will be cold and dreary soon.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Christmas Mode

I've already been thinking about Christmas and I seriously think there is something wrong with that. We haven't even basted the turkey yet, but I'm thinking about what's going to go under the Christmas tree six weeks from now! I don't think I plan birthday gifts this far in advance. Why in the world do I plan Christmas this far in advance?

Oh! Maybe it's all the Christmas ads, the Christmas music in the stores, the Christmas commercials on TV. Yup! That's it. Christmas is so commercialized I can't avoid it. Still... It's got me thinking.

I've started asking the twins what they want for Christmas. Since September Tom's been begging for "Thomas and Friends - The Great Discovery" movie. Santa took care of that one since it was on sale at Amazon. Tom's also been carrying around the weekly target ads like they are the bible. He studies them until they are worn and asks me over and over if he can have this or that toy. The answer is always no of course. He doesn't even know what half these toys do, but as long as it's marketed with Thomas the Tank Engine or Lightning McQueen he doesn't care! (Because we don't have ANY of those in the house! *rolls eyes*)

Abby on the other hand is much less needy when it comes to asking for gifts. Sure once we're in a toy store she wants anything pink and frilly but at home when you ask her what she wants, she is very shy and selective. So the other night I asked her what she was going to ask Santa for. Her response, "I'm going to ask Santa for a necklace with my name on it... so Tom won't steal it." There's a little history there. For her first Birthday she got a necklace, and for the life of me, I can't remember who it was from. Afterall it was three years ago. I think it was from one of the godparents. I tucked it away her in baby box and then about 18 months ago I pulled it out. Well guess who set his eyes on this sterling silver heart necklace? Why Tom of course! And he hasn't taken it off since. He wears it proudly every single day and night. Even in the bath. Abby on the other hand had to get a new necklace last year for Christmas. When Aunt Kate was in Hawaii I had her pick up a cute beaded necklace. Abby has worn that day in and day out for the last year (no competition from Tom) but I guess she wants more. Santa will have to work on that. I thought it was a sweet request.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I've been working out regularly for several months. As if chasing the twins wasn't enough, Paul and I actually schedule time three times a week to work out. The twins work out with us, standing on our feet, counting sit ups, imitating all sorts of our "moves" and even trying out the old push up!

Yesterday I decided to switch things up a little bit. Before Paul got home I strapped the twins into their bike helmets and set out on a bike ride for them, a jog/walk for me. I checked my route before I left the house. Since I didn't know how to tell Google Maps how to make a loop I picked what I thought was the half way point and mapped that. It was about 1 mile. Perfect! A 2 mile route. Well 2 miles turned into 2.6 miles and I got exhausted after the first 0.8 miles. I was sweating, hacking, coughing, choking... you name it. All the glamorous side effects of moderate icky lung disease. I kept thinking to myself, boy, this was so much easier 10 years ago! My lungs are so old!

I started getting dizzy (low blood sugar oxygen deprivation will do that to you) but I thought we were half way home, so I just kept pushing on. I tried not to actually turn my head, in fear of falling over. But if you've ever jogged next to two 4 year olds on training wheels, you know there's lots of head turning to make sure no one's falling over, or more importantly running into me!

I had to keep reminding Abby not to zig zag because she's going to fall over. And of course I had to remind her to keep looking straight ahead. But as we got further down the road she started veering off left, then right and I said, "Abby, what's the matter? You're not looking straight ahead!" Her reply, "Well, I've never seen this town before. I have to look around!" Keep in mind we drive up and down this particular street several times a week! I guess it's all about perspective. We've never walked there because it's too far!

For another half mile or so there was a lot of construction going on. They are building a huge sports complex about a mile from our house. The sidewalk had new gravel spilled all over it, making a bumpy ride for the twins. Then abruptly the sidewalk ended. Tom was going about 0.1 miles an hour (I'm not even sure he was moving) and then he started to tip over, right into the construction fence. Boom! Down he went. How do you even fall over when you're not moving... on training wheels? Genius I tell you. As we continued past the construction zone we finally made our way back to the nicely paved green belts. There was a huge sign with cones around it, but it was facing the other way. Tom asks me what that sign says. I told him it probably said "sidewalk closed." Sure enough! It did. No wonder!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Canal's Been Rooted

Today I finally got off my butt and made the dreaded call... to the dentist! I've had a toothache for a couple of months and after some round the clock motrin and tylenol I've finally given up and gone to the dentist.

I made the phone call around 9AM this morning. Much to my surprise they could fit me in at 2PM today! What luck! I won't even have to lose any sleep about the upcoming root canal... I knew I was going to need one.

My casual conversation with the front desk went a little something like this:

Me: "I'm actually really nervous about this."

Reception: "Oh yeah, me too."

Me: "Excuse me?"

Reception: "I freak out about going to the dentist."

Me: "Sorry?"

Reception: "Well I have a problem staying numb so I really hate getting work done."

Me: "Have you ever had a root canal?"

Reception: "Oh yeah. It wasn't....." (seemingly reluctant she continues) "as bad as they say."

Well I don't know who "they" are, but I took the appointment and "they" were WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG. It was bad. It did hurt. The dentist went into my mouth with a needle the size of the empire state building no less than five times. And each time he poked around in several spots. The shots were actually the least of my worry. It was the drilling, oh the drilling! The first three shots were routine. He likes to numb in stages. Fine with me. I'm a delicate little flower anyway. But the fourth and fifth shots were simply because I practically jumped out of the chair crying in pain. Oh yeah, make no mistake, I was miserable. There were tears. It was awful.

The good news is, once he "released" the root pressure, the pain was gone. He could have stayed there all day with a jack hammer in my mouth for all I cared at that point. Hey, once you're actually numb, it's easy peasy.

Today wasn't the end of my dental adventures though. I guess he just went in there, scoped it out and then plugged it up to let the tooth de-aggravate for the week. I go back next Thursday for the actual root canal. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

October Review

Below is the Telford Twins monthly email update for October 2008.

Tom and Abby celebrated their 4th birthday for a good couple of weeks as cards and gifts and parties carried on well past October 1. I think one of the highlights was going to Target with their very own $5 gift cards from Great Grandma Caruso. They had so much fun picking out a toy for themselves. Pictures from their birthday party can be found here.

Tom has surprised us this month by changing his wardrobe color of choice. He's been "that kid in red" for two whole years. He has a closet full of red pants, red shirts, red hats, even red shoes. Now he wants to be little boy blue! Of course he's not making this easy on me because it's not just any blue that he prefers. He likes the bright blues and powder blues. He even dressed up as a blue witch for Halloween.

Abby is reluctantly learning the ins and outs of wrestling and football. Tom may only be 1 minute older but he sure is that typical rough and tumble big brother. I took the twins to one football game this month and now Tom wants to be a football player. He calls out, "Abby, let's tackle!" Abby hangs her head and slowly slinks into her corner of the room. Then Tom calls out, "On your market! Get set! Go!" Then they both run toward the center of the room to "tackle" each other. Usually this means Abby curls up in a ball on the floor and plays dead as Tom collapses on top of her.

Pictures of the twins from October 2008 can be found here.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Movie Night

Last night was movie night. You see, because of the time change we wanted some sort of guarantee the twins weren't going to wake us up at 5:30 this morning. So we decided to keep them up late by watching a movie. The twins seemed excited to be able to watch a movie when it was dark outside. All of their movie watching happens when it's light out because, well, they go to bed when the sun goes down!

For most families movie night means the whole gang is tucked up under some blankets on the couch with some pop corn watching a movie together. Oh no! Not for us! I came up with the idea of setting the twins up in our bedroom with one of the DVDs from their children's collection and Paul and I rented a movie from Red Box for ourselves.

We did our usual routine in the evening. Dinner, bath, stories and teeth brushing. Then at 7:45 we started the movies! All went well for about 2 minutes. The twins' movie stopped playing for some reason. But after some fancy blowing on the DVD the microscopic culprit was dusted off and the movie resumed.

The rest of the night went a little like this:

8:15 PM Tom emerges from the room with a problem. "You see there's one thing I need. The thing is... I'm thirsty." A small sip of milk later he returned to the room for the rest of the evening... or so we thought.

8:30 PM Tom emerges once again. This time he sprawls himself out in the middle of the living room floor. "We should have picked a shorter movie.... this one is taking too long!"

8:45 PM Once again, Tom shows up in the living room. "We wanted to know, when is potty time and bed time?" After some coaxing we finally got him he was getting away with something by staying up late and finishing his movie.

9:20 PM Loud noises erupt from our bedroom. There's thumping and squealing and lots of happy noises. We found the twins wrestling on the bedroom floor with the movie credits rolling. We tried then to get them into bed but they wanted to "watch all the parts" of the movie. Funny after all that we couldn't tear them away!

Once the credits were done it took us about 20 minutes to wrestle them into bed. There was potty time. Procrastinating before potty time. And of course the gathering of all the important toys and animals to "watch" them sleep. They were really wound up at this point. But alas our plan paid off. I didn't hear noises from their room until 6:30 this morning... the NEW 6:30 AM! They ended up sleeping in an extra hour from yesterday. Yay! We got the hour back! I'm sure the rest of the day will go smooth and we'll be on track by bed time! Whew! Another daylight savings conquered.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Spoooooky Halloween!

Tom and Abby had such a blast on Halloween.

We started out the day getting ready for Preschool. They were tickled pink to be able to wear their costumes to school. Incase you haven't been paying attention, they were both witches for Halloween. Yes, both of them. My son wore a dress all day yesterday and loved every minute of it.

They had a costume party at school complete with games and of course, cookies!

I had grand plans for the rest of the day. I WAS going to go to the city of Davis and trick or treat during the afternoon. BUT that is a 40 minute drive and I was quite tired. So I gave that up for my nap. Then I WAS going to hit up the old town of Franklin. Downtown Franklin is about 2.5 miles from my house. It consists of about 7 buildings. 4 of the businesses were handing out candy until 4PM. Well, we didn't make that one either.

So instead I went with lazy plan C, which was stay home, cook dinner and go trick or treating around our own neighborhood. The kids were ready to go just as the sun went down around 6:15, so off we went! They were bouncing around the house beforehand telling me why Halloween is their favorite holiday. Tom was giddy with excitement because for some reason he was misinformed that he could stay up ALL NIGHT LONG! I think he just meant that he was going to be outside in the dark, something that rarely happens!

We hit up a good 20 houses at least. I got good and winded, which is totally lame since we were walking at a snails pace. So i went home early to pass out candy and then get my treatments started once the munchkins got home. They hurried through their bath and gave up story time so they could pass out more candy. Unfortunately because it then started raining, there were few trick or treaters. They had a good time anyway, and ended up going to be earlier than normal... which made for a lovely wake up call at 6:30 this morning. And today we set our clocks back? I'm not looking forward to tomorrow's wake up call.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


So this post is all about me and has nothing to do with the twins, other than they are incessantly curious about this thing.

I'm so in love with my most recent Target purchase. The PedEgg! Buh bye dry flakey feet! Hello summer feet! That's my little term for awesomely pedicured feet.

We all take care of our feet in the summer time but once I start wearing socks everyday I tend to neglect them. Oh, not this winter! I love this thing. Basically it's a cheese grater for your feet! I hope that doesn't turn you off because it doesn't actually hurt. But that's totally what it is! I'm sure there are other tools out there like this, but the Pedegg actually catches all the shavings from your heels so there's no mess. God, I sound like I'm getting royalties for this thing. I'm totally not. I just really think this thing coupled with some serious foot lotion would be an awesome stocking stuffer. And it's so much better than a bacteria laden pumice stone. So now you know.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Vitamins and Fluoride

I bought new vitamins for the twins a couple days ago. I had been buying the Flinstone gummy vits for the last couple of years but at this last doctor appointment the pedi suggested any hard chewable vitamin because they contain Iron, and none of the gummy vits do. So I made the switch to Flinstone Complete, which is the hard chewables. I was also pleased that they cost less than the gummies!

Since we were completely out of vitamins Monday morning I let the twins try the new vitamin after my thrice weekly visit to Target while they were in preschool. Abby liked it. Tom, not so much. Although he had just eaten a breath mint. (Which by the way he is completely addicted to. Every time we get into the car he tells me his breath smells and he needs a breath mint. I pretty much just keep them stocked for him now.) He made a really funny face while eating the vitamin but I told him to try again Tuesday morning, sans breath mint.

Well this morning he informs me he still doesn't like the vitamins and I should go back to Target and pick up his gummy vitamins. I tried to lie to him and tell him they didn't have the gummy ones anymore and he told me I probably just didn't look on the right aisle and I still needed to go back and look in the proper place for them. (his words, not mine!) His hemoglobin level was higher than Abby's anyway, so he doesn't really need the extra iron. Maybe he can taste it!

In other news I changed the twins from fluoride drops to fluoride chewable "pills" this month. We don't have fluoridated water so we have to supplement here. The change is costing me an extra $10 a month, EACH! That's a total of $34 a month on their teeth! As if I don't spend an arm and a leg at the pharmacy anyway? And all this for teeth? Teeth they're going to lose in the next 2-4 years anyway? I'm pretty sure it's just a scam for paranoid moms like me who don't want to mess up their kids. Well it's working and the twins are totally loving their "pills" every night. Just like mom!

Monday, October 27, 2008

You Should Close The Box!

The funniest thing just happened.

Embarrassingly enough, I have a medium sized moving box in my bedroom. That in itself is not too terrible, but it's been there for two years. When we first moved here, it was in the garage. Then one fall day I needed the twins winter clothes, so I had Paul pull the box down out of the garage. It hasn't left my room since.

Twice a year I empty the box and fill it with the twins' unseasonal clothes. Yesterday I removed all their winter clothes from last year but I didn't go through their closets and fill it with the summer clothes they don't need anymore. So the box is sitting mostly empty in my bedroom.

I'm sitting on my bed finishing up my treatments and the twins are playing football. Abby took a break and went to go sit on the box. She backed up to it and before I knew what happened, her feet, arms and head were the only thing I could see. Her bottom was all the way in the box. Then she started crying saying, "you should close the box!" She didn't know the box was empty and didn't realize she was going to fall into an empty hole.

I think it's time to move the box.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Field Trip!

I used to love field trips when I was a kid. No school. Fun new exciting things!

Today was the twins' preschool class trip to the pumpkin patch. I'm not quite sure if there are no pumpkin patches in Elk Grove, but for some reason we always travel really far for this event. Last year it was a 45 minute drive out to The Pumpkin Farm. This year it was a 30 minute drive to Dave's Pumpkin Patch. I think Dave's was a little better than last year but there was some chaos.

We arrive on time and head to the picnic tables for snacks. The preschool always fills the tiny bellies before the adventure. Abby didn't finish her Cheez-It's so I neatly tucked them into my purse. She also barely touched her Capri Sun. Being that I am inherently cheap I couldn't bear to throw it away, so that too got tucked into my purse... which later turned out to be a very bad idea.

Our whole grouped marched over to some hay bails to listen to Farmer Frank explain our day. We didn't get quite the "pumpkin lesson" we got last year. Only a short lecture about how to not fall off the tractor while it's moving. (harder than it looks!) Frank is a serious man. He means business. There's no dilly dally when Frank is at the wheel. All loaded up, he yells, "I'm moving!" and we're off! It was quite a bumpy ride. So bumpy that I started to notice my pants were soaking wet. No, I hadn't wet myself but I'd pressed on my purse so hard it squeezed mango surprise Capri Sun all over the innards of my clean not-so-dry-anymore purse. So I sucked down what was left of the capri sun and moved deep into the pumpkin patch.

Before Farmer Frank took off for the next load of preschoolers he entrusted one of the preschool moms with pumpkin picking sheers because unlike Impossible Acres, which we visited on Sunday for Hannah's 3rd birthday, all of these medium sized pumpkins were fresh still on the vine! And the key word here is "medium" size. That posed a problem for the twins since they were looking for "small" pumpkins. There were a few small ones here and there, but they were meant to grow bigger, so they were still green. Tom and Abby wanted small orange pumpkins!

We kicked dirt all over the place and searched high and low, cutting pumpkins off the vine and then deciding they weren't perfect. They were too heavy, too big, too green or too flat. (Abby found a smooshed one and decided it was too flat for her liking.) We waved as the next load of preschoolers was coming around the bend on the hay ride. Farmer Frank was waving something frantic, almost maniac. I didn't realize he was motioning to us to get our butts over to the pickup spot. It was time to go! Tom had found a pumpkin, but not Abby. She sat in the middle of the pumpkin field shrieking with panic because she had no pumpkin and it was time to go.

I told her we could take the next shuttle or we could even walk back. It wasn't that far after all. But instead she hurriedly decided to choose the medium sized pumpkin I was already holding. She didn't even want to hold it herself. I think she truly didn't like it. She wanted a small pumpkin, but now I couldn't convince her it was ok to stay and look for the one she wanted as Farmer Frank was cracking the whip yelling for us to board the shuttle.

We stashed our pumpkins in the car and went to go play in the hay maze and bounce house. The bounce house was all part of the field trip cost and no one was monitoring how many children went in at one time so it was NUTS! There were kids cracking heads together. Abby left in tears, not because she was hurt, but because Tom told her to stay and she wanted so badly to listen to him, but she was done with the bouncing into all her classmates. Tom then started crying because Abby wasn't listening to him. I dusted off their socks of hay and dirt and put their shoes back on. They ran around the hay maze for a long while, and then we got some pop corn and gatorade. I had to pay with a sopping wet $10 bill since the Capri Sun incident left my wallet a little less than dry. Abby was upset I didn't buy her her own popcorn and gatorade. But she eventually got over it when she realized sharing wasn't so bad after all. (Oh, and I threatened to go home if she didn't stop crying.)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Where's the Trunk?

Let me set the scene.

Tom and Abby were tucked into their car seats this morning. We were heading to Preschool. Why does 8:30 in the morning seem to arrive earlier and earlier as the weather gets colder and colder?

Anyway, we were stopped at a traffic light next to a very small bus. I don't even know what kind of bus it was. It wasn't the public transit bus, it wasn't a school bus, but it definitely was a bus.

From the back seat the conversation started a little like this:

Tom: "Mom, where do you put all your bags when you're on the bus?"

Me: "Well I suppose you put them on the floor next to your feet."

Tom: "Where do you put the other bags?"

Me: "Well I guess if there was no one sitting next to you, you could put them on the seat next to you."

Tom: "What if you have MORE bags?"

Me: "I guess you could try and put a bag under the seat in front of you as well."

Tom: "But what if you have too many bags?!"

Me: "You could put some bags on your lap too."

Tom: "Why can't you put your bags in the trunk of the bus?"

Me: "Busses don't have trunks."

Tom: "Why don't busses have trunks?"

Me: "Because busses use all their available space for passenger seating."

Tom: "What about a small bus? That might have a trunk."

Me: "Nope, no trunk on small busses either."

Tom: "Well then where do you put all your bags on the small bus?"

And the conversation started all over again. That's just how we roll around here.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another 5 Shots Down!

Today was Tom's turn at the doctor's office. I packed our lunches and picked them up from preschool. My intention was to let them play in the preschool yard for a little bit since we had a whole hour to kill before our appointment. It wasn't enough time to go home, eat and get back in the car again (if you've ever travelled with two 4 year olds, you know why that's impossible!) But it was enough to time let them socialize after preschool however that plan was botched by the police activity.

Yes! The POLICE! I saw about 7 police vehicles and two undercover vehicles with lights flashing as I approached the preschool's neighborhood. I started getting nervous as one of the cop cars started following me. It was obvious they were setting up some sort of perimeter to catch some kind of bad guy (turned out to be a burglar.) But when they're setting up the perimeter around my CHILDREN it's a little unnerving. Then when they actually roll up in a squad car outside the preschool and tell us all to get in our cars as quickly as possible and go home, it's even more precarious!

So we hurried into our car and went to the doctor office parking lot to have an in car picnic. We had juice boxes and sandwiches and apples, (except Tom who enjoyed fig newtons, wheat thins and a banana). Eventually I let the kids out of the car to kill a bit more time as Tom finished off his meal with some animal crackers. Tom also informed me he's "Not going to do ANYTHING at the doctor office." He was obviously referring to becoming a pin cushion but I tried to refrain from mentioning the S word the whole visit.

Tom had to be coaxed to take his shoes off. Coaxed to get weighed. Coaxed to get measured, do the eye chart, pee in a cup, have a hearing test and see the doctor. All the while after every "event" he said, "can we go home now?" in a panicky voice. Poor guy. He knew what was coming...

So the shots went as well as expected. He bled a lot because his muscles were so tense. He kept asking, er... screaming, "one more?" and of course I had to say, "no, 4 more, 3 more, 2 more... ok, ONE more!" He was so brave (as he yelled into my ear.) He got rewarded by picking a toy from the toy box and a sticker. He picked a hot wheels type car and a sticker of Dora the Explorer.

I'm just glad it's over!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pretty as a Witch

Yesterday I bought my son a dress. Yup, that's right a DRESS!

A few weeks ago we started talking about halloween. I asked the twins what they wanted to be for halloween. Their decision: A witch. Each of them wants to be a "girl witch." Only when they say it, it sounds like "Grrr witch." And Tom doesn't want to be just any girl witch, but a blue girl witch.

I tried so hard to talk Tom into something a little more masculine. We looked around online at pictures of warlocks and wizards. I explained to him that boy witches wear cloaks. He was not interested in the least.

Yesterday when I dropped the twins off at preschool I asked their teacher if it's against school policy for boys to wear dresses, specifically on halloween. She said, "No! Let him wear a dress this year. At least this year no one will make fun of him, but you might have issues come Kindergarten." So I hit up the finest costume department Wal Mart had to offer and found the perfect witch costume for both kids. Tom's is blue, his new favorite color. And Abby's has some purple, one of her favorites too!

After preschool I told Tom that I had a blue witch costume for him. I was trying to bribe him to sit down quickly in his car seat after class. He asked if I had it with me, and although I did, I lied and told him it was at home. (more bribery) So we get home and he goes flying into the house. I hear him banging around his closet, then, "Moooooooom! Come quick! Help me!" He had taken the "dress up bin" down from a closet shelf and was tearing through it looking for his costume. The same costume that was actually in the trunk of my car. After some quick apologizing for fooling him, he finally got his first look at his very own first dress. They were so excited to wear their costumes they wore them last night and again today.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Reusable Bags

Not a whole lot has changed in our household in 2008 but one thing is for sure. Shopping got a whole lot more complicated. Many months ago, Paul invested in several reusable grocery bags and now I have to be re-trained to bring them into the store with me. You wouldn't think remembering to bring a bag or two into a store where you're going to buy many things that need to go INTO a bag wouldn't be difficult! But it is!

I have a lovely pocket in the trunk of my car. When I fold up all nine bags neatly they fit great! Problem is, it's in the trunk of my car. So I have made the habit of putting the bags on the front passenger seat instead. You would think that since they are the last thing I see as I turn to exit my vehicle and head into the shopping establishment to buy many things I would remember to grab the bags and bring them with me. I think I started out with a 50/50 rate of remembering the bags. It has increased some over the year but today I claimed the prize of forgetfulness.

I was on my way into Old Navy and I hadn't planned to buy many things so I grabbed just one bag. I tucked it neatly under my arm and shopped and shopped and shopped. Thing is, I was dressed for the arctic. Think eskimo. It's been terribly windy and cold here all weekend, like barely getting above 60 degrees and I've pretty much been freezing since Saturday. So when I left the house at 8AM this morning I dressed in my warmest mom sweat pants, my comfiest mom t-shirt and my warmest mom sweatshirt.

As I'm stumbling about in Old Navy I notice I'm starting to sweat. So now my reusable bag is stuffed into a sweaty arm pit. I was especially scented this morning because I gave up my shower for Tom and Paul. You see, as I was finishing up my morning treatment I hear Tom open the front door, he yells, "DAAAAAAD!" and then he runs into my room and collapsed on the floor in a tantrum. Dad left without giving Tom a hug and a kiss goodbye. Well bonus for Dad because he also left his lunch in the fridge. So I thought, I'd skip my shower, gather things real quick and make a detour to Paul's work before I drop the kids off at preschool this morning. The detour worked out well for all involved except for the fact I have not showered in over 24 hours.

Finally I'm happy with my Old Navy selections and I head to the check out register. I stand in line getting sweatier and sweatier as Mr Happy Snowboarder chit chats with the gal in front of me about how he loves the cold weather. I'm pretty sure he was hitting on her because I didn't get any chit chat at all. Then I'm all discombobulated because I'm trying to not drop my reusable bag as I dig for my credit card and photo ID in my purse. My purchases were paid for and the employee hands me a plastic Old Navy bag full of my goods and I'm out the door. Wait... did you notice? I NEVER used my reusable bag!

So there you go folks. There's pretty much nothing I can do but create more waste on this lovely little planet I call home. I can hear all the hippies banging down my door now. I'm a terrible person. I know.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Everyone's Back to Normal (almost!)

Thanks for all the concern about Abigail. She is doing wonderful, still hasn't noticed that she had 5 shots on Wednesday. She was a little protective of the ballooning arm, but not one change in her personality. The arm looks better as of last night, I haven't seen her this morning. But last night the swelling was down and the redness was decreasing. Her arm is still piping hot where the redness remained, but she didn't seem to mind as she was wrestling Tom and playing tackle football yesterday.

I got my flu shot yesterday. Yippee! And I can't even feel any soreness this morning. Woot! It turns out for the first time ever I didn't need an appointment for my flu shot. I switched my doctors and all I had to do was show up in the office and ask for one. Boy did I pick the right day! It turns out this office doesn't have patient appointments every other friday. The waiting room was empty and the staff doesn't even wear professional clothing! It was so casual. The the shot itself looked micromini. I hope I got all the virus and eggs I needed to ward off this yucky upcoming flu season in that tiny little syringe. I've noticed over the years that if you massage the IM shot area directly after the injection, for about 20 minutes you won't have that stiffness/soreness at all. I've been using that trick for years and viola! It worked again.

In other news I had some really weird dreams last night. Not only did I wake up suffocating, which is weird in itself because I wear my oxygen every single night, but I was dreaming about being called into this tiny 1 bedroom/1 bathroom apartment of the Jolie-Pitt's to help potty train their son! This is also more weird due to the fact that my 4 year old son needs to wear diapers at night so I'm obviously the right person to call! Ah... the glamorous life of a stay at home mom.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Shot Reaction

Abby seems to have quite the reaction going on from the arm she got 3 shots in yesterday. I'm not too concerned because her fever is not excessive (101.2) and she is acting completely normal. Eating, drinking, playing, not tired etc. But look at this arm!

I measured the circumference this morning to be sure it wouldn't swell excessively today. It's huge compared to the other arm. Her normal skinny arm is 6.25" around and the swollen arm is between 7.5" and 8". It's a little hard to measure exactly because it's so puffy. Good thing there's no school today. At least I can keep an eye on her.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Did Somebody Say Shots?

Today I took Abby for her 4 year old well child check up visit with a brand new doctor. Unfortunately the doctor couldn't make it so we saw a nurse practitioner instead. So much for KEEPING appointments, huh?

The twins were pretty impressed, if not overwhelmed with the play room we got to wait in. Then it turns out the exam room has a table with a couple toys too! Everything is new and clean so that was nice. First we stopped by the scales, which Abby tipped at 31.0 pounds! That's up about 3 pounds from last year. Then they checked her height ever so quickly, I forgot to look! And then the eye exam. Abby had a bit of trouble distinguishing between E's and F's and other letters that look similar, but that's because she has that trouble anyway, not because of eye sight issues. So we received a pass there too!

Next stop was the bathroom. Abby had to pee in a cup. I asked the nurse for gloves and she looked at me like I was crazy! Um yeah, it's not everyday that your daughter gets to pee on your hand. And that she did! I was so proud of her for not being nervous about me holding a cup between her legs. (and yes, I did get gloves.)

Then we went back to the exam room where I changed her into the cutest softest hand made gown with animals all over it. She looked adorable. I wish I brought my camera. She passed her hearing test with flying colors and didn't even cry when they pricked her finger to test her blood for hemoglobin. It came back perfect for her age, 12.1, which is higher than mama's! (I'm anemic... still)

Then the regular nurse left and the nurse practitioner came in for a chat and check up. Everything went well as expected. Then it was time... dun dun dun! For the shots.

Not one.

Not two.

Not three.

Not four.

But FIVE separate shots! Ouch! But we're done, done, done with shots for a very long time. Except for the annual flu shot, which is also why she got a bonus one today.

She took them like a champ and only really screamed for the last one. I hated holding her on my lap though as she cried, "no! no! no! no!" and sobbed and hugged her pink bear.

I stocked up on more motrin, and of course dosed her up before the appointment so I hope she's feeling pretty good. She sure is acting pretty normal! She's such a superstar.

Now on the other hand the one that left in tears was Tom. He decided that he is "not going to do what Abby did" at his appointment next week. I might need to call in some extra muscle to hold him down.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Telford Twins are Four!

Saturday was the much anticipated ice cream social birthday party for the twins. They had a blast despite the fact that mom planned the party during nap time! I wanted to do it after lunch, so as to not have to serve lunch and that just so happens to be the twins nap time.

Most of the their friends arrived on time and we let the kids kind ago nuts and run around and play in our house for about a half hour before we got things going. Then we played Pin The Cherry on the Ice Cream Cone! Some of the kids were shy and thought the blind fold was too scary and some of the kids hadn't arrived yet (due to nap time!) Tom got brave and pinned his cherry sticker in a respectable position, actually on the ice cream portion of the poster! Abby... not so much. AFter three spins with the blind fold on she ended up about three feet down the wall from the poster and when she finally felt the wall and not the poster she kinda freaked out, so I brought her back over to where the poster was and she pinned her sticker on the board. Tom wasn't satisfied that she had pinned it on the cone, so he moved it for her, to the ice cream. Another one of their little friends actually got it right on the tip top of the ice cream! Of course she was peeking out the bottom of the blind fold though!

After our game we sang happy birthday to each of the twins separately. They each had their own cake decorated in their favorite colors. Tom picked blue cake with red frosting. I was advised from some preschool moms to not even bother adding red food coloring to white icing because it would turn pink, rather buying red food color spray. So that's what I did. The blue food coloring on the white cake turned out really blue though and Tom loved it! Abby had pink strawberry cake with purple icing.

In the mayhem of getting the ice cream all set up I completely forgot to put out the whipped cream and cherries! So now I have three cans of whipped cream in my fridge... oh poor me! All the more sundae's I have to eat I guess! And I have lots of toppings leftover too. Oddly enough the three most popular toppings were Reese's Pieces, Gummy Bears and Candy Corn! I think people were just dipping into those toppings long after the ice cream was served.

Paul kindly uploaded a bunch of pictures from the big party here.

But here is a set of photos from Abby's pin the cherry on the sundae adventure. You can actually see her frown when she realized she was way off target.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday!

Happy Fourth Birthday to my beautiful babies!

The twins love their number shirts. They come from Nina and Tom compliments of Oma and Papa each year!