Monday, December 17, 2007

What's Been Going On

We had a fairly uneventful weekend as I am still trying to get the twins 100 % healthy for the holidays. They've been sick for 13 days now, and normally this would cause alarm, however they showed brief signs of getting better (the snot production nearly ceased) however they seemed to have caught a second cold (thank you Disneyland?) So we're hoping the nose wiping ends (again) and they can go to preschool tomorrow because they have a holiday party with a surprise for the parents!

I kept them home from preschool last Tuesday, like a good mom should when the kids are sick, but they showed remarkable improvement Thursday morning and I thought they were well! I was wrong, but didn't know it until Thursday afternoon. *sigh* When I picked them up on Thursday I asked them what they did in preschool and all I got was wide eyes and an index finger over the mouth (like shhhhh!) with a hint of a smile in the rear view mirror. I think they made a surprise craft project for the parents to be unveiled on Tuesday. So we have to get better and we have to go!

Abby's funny when she sneezes. I keep asking her if she can blow her nose, into the tissue. Of course I'm always met with resistance so I give up. But when something does fly out her nose when she sneezes she's so quick to sniff it back up, it's almost comical. Then she says almost triumphantly, "I blowed it back up!" or "I sucked it back in!" Tom on the other hand will usually wait for me to wipe his nose and he does give a good try at blowing his nose, he just channels the air in the wrong direction (and sniffs).

Tom saw a big pile of gifts I wrapped for various relatives. I pointed out what was in each box and who it was for. Then he sat there, sulking, real tears starting to roll. "What's the matter Tom?" He replies, "Where's my presents?"

And lastly today, a little video of Abby last night as she enjoyed her gingerbread man cookie.


Andrea said...

I hope everyone is feeling 100% soon! No fun being sick - and for so long. Can't wait to hear how excited Tom is when he finds out Santa brought all his "missing" presents! And how cute is Abby and her cookie-man!!

The Mantha Family said...

Abby is such a cutie - eating the cookie man - yummy! I hope the kids are feeling better today, no fun to be sick and miss out on parties.