Friday, December 07, 2007

Treasure Hunt

Today we spent the day wandering the wonderful retail pavilion that is Downtown Disney at Disneyland Resort. During the middle of our shopping spree I lifted my purse over my head only to rip my earring out of my ear. If it were any ordinary earring I would have looked around for a bit and went on my way. But these were my diamond earrings given to me as a gift a couple years ago by my wonderful husband. I was not going to leave it behind! It's amazing that 7 people (4 adults and 3 toddlers) can lay on the floor in the middle of a public retail establishment, obviously searching for something, and no one stops to ask what is going on. We even moved some huge rolling displays in the process. Still no alarms or managers came to find us. Finally some employees sweeping up the floor asked what was going on and they joined in the search. So now there were about 10 of us combing the establishment for my diamond earring. It didn't help that the floor was covered in sparkles, as we were in the Disney Princess section at the time. But they don't call her Eagle Eye Aggie for nothing, Nicole found it! We never did find the backing, but both earrings are now safely tucked away in a two cent zip lock baggie ready for the trip home.

Tom and Abby are enjoying everything disney, including the candy.

The twins are also enjoying the shuttle busses that run between our hotel and the theme parks.

A good time is being had by all, despite some colds being passed around. Tom started sneezing on our drive down here Wednesday. He hardly seems phased. Abby and I are just now catching the beginnings of the runny nose and watery eyes. I can't wait to see how this blossoms in the coming days.

Tomorrow is California Adventure and more Disneyland. Wish me luck!

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The Mantha Family said...

Glad you found your earring, I'm sure it looked pretty funny to see so many people on the floor!