Saturday, December 15, 2007

So Long 1014

Double decker london buses have been a long standing form of transit in the university run transportation system for the city of Davis, CA. Times have changed at UC Davis and diesel emission standards have become stricter. Yesterday at 15:25 RTL 1014 had it's last run on a G line out of the Memorial Union terminal and the Telford family was there to witness it. I spent many many hours on the back of that bus during my conducting days and I'm sad to see it retire.

I don't know much about it's engine, and I'm not going to pretend that I do, but I do know it is a diesel pre-select transmission, which is different from an automatic and even different than today's manual transmissions. It very well could be the last pre-select london double decker bus in service in the world, as London Transport sold off their pre-selects many years ago, which is exactly how Unitrans aquired it. The final fate of 1014 is up in the air for now, as the parts are becoming more and more scarce as well as the talent to work on an engine like that. It's possible it will be converted to a clean natural gas double decker and join the ranks of the Unitrans fleet once more. Or it may be preserved as it is, running fewer than 1000 miles in service per year.

Here are some pictures of our bus ride.

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The Mantha Family said...

Excellent pictures on the bus ... Srikant was very sad to learn that the bus would be out of service. Unitrans alums sure are loyal to their buses!